Covering Up JFK’s Roguish Behavior for 50 Years Not Long Enough for NBC’s Viewers

Following an NBC Nightly News preview Wednesday evening of the Rock Center promotion for a book by Mimi Alford, in which she recounts how the 45-year-old President Kennedy seduced and carried on a sexual relationship with her when she was a 19-year-old White House intern, anchor Brian Williams conveyed the distress of JFK sycophants in his audience – and admitted his family was amongst them.

Talking with Meredith Vieira, Williams cited “a lot of e-mails” from people, who “sounds like a lot of us,” had a “picture of John F. Kennedy in the house when we were kids” and who are now “wondering, why do this now? Why tell her story now?”

Apparently, covering up for Kennedy for 50 years is not long enough for the viewers of a network which employs people who write embarrassingly obsequious books like Jack Kennedy: Elusive Hero.

Williams to Vieira, February 8 NBC Nightly News:

As you well know, based only on the snippets people have seen, we’ve already received a lot of response, a lot of e-mails, people with the upbringing – sounds like a lot of us – with the picture of John F. Kennedy in the house when we were kids, wondering, why do this now? Why tell her story now?

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