Saturday Night Funny Video: Confusing the Weather Woman with Rudolph Hess

Last Saturday night I introduced my new Saturday night humor posting drawn from the clips Bret Baier runs at the end of FNC’s Special Report which he selects from video montages picked up from the late night comedy shows.

Tonight, the second edition, taken from NBC’s Tonight Show, of some pretty funny confusion on a British newscast which played the wrong soundbites at the wrong time -- turning an unidentified blonde woman, and the network’s own weather woman, into the Nazi leader Rudolph Hess. Watch below the jump for what Baier played on his Monday, June 27 program.

If you missed it, check out last week’s inaugural installment of my Saturday Night Funny Video: “‘ObamaCare,’ ‘ObamaCare,’ ‘ObamaCare,’ ‘ObamaCare,’ Then Herman Cain...

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