Fox News Highlights Rashida Tlaib Still Pushing Lie Israel Bombed Hospital

October 22nd, 2023 8:41 PM

On Friday's Fox & Friends First, contributor Joe Concha called out Michigan Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib for continuing to claim that Israel bombed a hospital in Gaza even after both the Israeli military and President Joe Biden concluded that Palestinian terrorists damaged the hospital with a misfired missile.

As Congresswoman Tlaib not only repeated the claim at a rally and refused to correct or delete her tweet blaming Israel, CNN and MSNBC have ignored the Michigan Democrat continuing the lie about the issue. This comes after MSNBC host Chris Hayes a week earlier gave an out of context commentary defending her from being confronted by Fox News.

Setting up the segment, co-host Todd Piro recalled:

Squad Democrat Rashida Tlaib dodging questions about a post blaming Israel for the hospital blast in Gaza. Remember this post where she unequivocally said this was all Israel's fault despite the fact that, you know, it wasn't Israel's fault, and all the intelligence proved that. One reporter writing on social media, quote: "Tlaib would not respond just now when I asked if she had considered taking this post down after Biden said he believes Israel didn't bomb this hospital." Another reporter saying, quote, "Tlaib refused to say anything as she rushed from the House floor to a car waiting to pick her up outside the Capitol building."

Going to Concha, Piro added: "Your reaction, Joe, to this refusal to take responsibility for her inflammatory words which are on the screen right now where not only does she accuse Israel of bombing this hospital, but she accused the President of the United States in her party 'to refuse to facilitate a ceasefire and help de-escalate.'"

The right-leaning media critic accused Congresswoman Tlaib of endangering American citizens as he responded:

Todd, Carley, it's amazing. This tweet has been viewed millions upon millions of times, and she still refuses to take it down, delete the tweet because obviously the information is completely false. And if this were a tweet by somebody from Hamas or somebody sympathetic from Al Jazeera in the Middle East, that's one thing. This is a sitting U.S. Congresswoman that is purposely throwing out misinformation -- lies -- let's call it what it is -- and it could get people killed. There are still American hostages being held. She just doesn't seem to care.

Concha further recalled that the blast did not do nearly as much damage or cause the number of deaths initially claimed, noting that it was actually caused by Palestinian terrorists attempting to launch a missile and then blaming Israel for the explosion.

The previous week, MSNBC's Hayes used his All In show to condemn Fox News for hounding Congresswoman Tlaib in the aftermath of the October 7 terrorist attack by Hamas. On his October 11 show, he lamented: "It took very little time for the Fox News Channel to identify its domestic enemies and scapegoats after the mass slaughter in southern Israel. Yesterday a Fox reporter relentlessly pursued Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib -- the lone Palestinian-American in Congress -- through the halls of the Capitol."

He then showed a clip of Fox reporter Hillary Vaughn following the Michigan Democrat in a hallway and trying to get her to condemn the murder of babies by Hamas. Hayes came to her defense:

Hayes did not mention that the attention on the Michigan Democrat came after she released a statement the day after the October 7 terrorist attack in which she blamed U.S. support for Israeli "apartheid" for causing such "resistance" to happen, leading to criticisms from pro-Israel Democrats like Congressmen Ritchie Torres and Josh Gottheimer.

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