NBC Celebrates Teacher Who 'Groomed' 'Articulate' Liberal Parkland Students

April 2nd, 2018 2:24 PM

Saturday's NBC Nightly News devoted an entire report to celebrating a high school government teacher in Parkland, Florida, who is being credited with "grooming" three of the "articulate" liberal student activists who have espoused "thoughtful arguments" in promoting more gun control.

Correspondent Kerry Sanders even tried to undermine conservatives who had fretted that the students were being coached by liberals by informing viewers that the teacher in question is a "card-carrying Republican."



Anchor Jose Diaz-Balart set up the report:

Several students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School have risen to national prominence in the fight to bring reform to the nation's laws. And, tonight, we wanted to shine a light on their teacher who is credited with grooming these articulate voices.

Sanders began by noting that three of the Parkland students who spoke at the anti-gun March for Our Lives rally had exhibited "surprising confidence," "impassioned clarity," and "powerful emotion." After noting that "it was no surprise to their teacher, Jeff Foster," he gave the Parkland teacher credit as one who "helped shape three of the now notable public personas."

Sanders recounted: "Their public speaking skills and thoughtful arguments honed in part in his advanced placement class that earlier this year took on topics like gun control."

The NBC correspondent then further bolstered Foster as a Republican who agrees with liberals on guns as he added: "And for those who believe the kids are a little too confident, too well-spoken -- maybe coached or coopted by liberal Democrats -- "

Then came a clip of Foster: "I'm a card-carrying Republican who's upset with the law, too, but, again, I mean, there's no reason that Republicans can't pass common sense gun laws as well."