On Letterman, Robin Williams Cracks Bush Was 'Cute' Like a Drunk Uncle Making a Mess in the Jacuzzi

Appearing as a guest on Thursday's The Late Show with David Letterman on CBS, comedian Robin Williams took some shots at GOP presidential candidates Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich, and ended up bringing up former President Bush, comparing him to a drunk uncle who "took a dump in the jacuzzi."

After making cracks about Romney sometimes not knowing the right thing to say at campaign events, he brought up Bush. Williams:

Or like somebody's feeding him a line. It used to be like with W., you'd think that someone was going, "Move your arm, move your arm." "Hi, nice to see you."

Host Letterman condescended that Bush was "our cutest President ever":



LETTERMAN: I think he was our cutest, our cutest President ever.

WILLIAMS: Yeah, I think he -- the cutest?

LETTERMAN: Yes, I think he was our cutest President.

Williams went on to further lambast the former President:

WILLIAMS: Shoot, in kind of a, in kind of a, "Hey, what the hell?" kind of way.

LETTERMAN: That's right. I think he-

WILLIAMS: Kind of like your uncle who drinks a lot going, "Uncle Bob, he just took a dump in the jacuzzi. He's cute that way!"

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