Sharpton: Poor Are 'Driven by Hate' If They Vote for 'Richest Guy' Romney in Mississippi

On Tuesday's The Ed Show on MSNBC, when host Ed Schultz opined that it would be "the strangest thing" if poor voters in Mississippi were to vote for the wealthiest candidate - Mitt Romney - MSNBC's Al Sharpton asserted that such voters would have to be motivated by "hate and bias" to make such a choice which he suggested "defies all reason." Sharpton:

That shows you where hate and inciting hate defies all reason because, as poor as the economy is in Mississippi and in Alabama, for them to vote for the richest guy who endorses the policies that reinforces their economic problems, is absolutely throwing reason out the window.

But if you're driven by hate and bias, and that is peppered by these talk radio, hate radio guys, then you don't even think about the fact that you're suffering under these policies. You vote for the policies that caused your suffering.

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