NBC Informs Viewers 1.8 Million Dead People are Still Registered to Vote

Tuesday's NBC Nightly News informed viewers of the statistic that 1.8 million of the deceased are still registered to vote, as anchor Brian Williams read an item recounting the results of a study by the Pew Research Center.

But the NBC anchor also downplayed the danger of voter fraud as he asserted that "the problems here are not due to fraud," but instead emanate from the lack of the use of technology.

Williams recounted:

And some disturbing news about the state of this nation's voting system in the presidential election year upcoming. The Pew Research Center says one in eight voter registrations in this nation is inaccurate, a quarter of eligible voters are not registered at all, 1.8 million dead people in this country are indeed still registered to vote.

Study says the problems here are not due to fraud, but they stem from disorganized and antiquated systems that could use some help from technology.

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