The Media's Selective Race Outrage

February 10th, 2011 2:50 PM

For over a year, the liberal media recited "the Tea Party is racist". They did so for hours on end without any clear proof. What do I mean by proof? Knowing this bunch as we do, had there been video of one clearly racist sign at a Tea Party, we'd be seeing that video as often as we did that of Rodney King. It would be their smoking gun. They could single-handedly discredit the Tea Party and possibly have salvaged the midterm elections for the left.

Alas, there was no proof, but when video released showed progressives desirous of putting the black Supreme Court justice back in his place (either in the fields or swinging from a tree), the networks didn't touch it.

 [Video embedded after page break]


Common Cause protest video courtesy of Christian Hartsock