Putting the BS on PBS

Journalist Kirk Leech at GoldenMyths.com rips apart the PBS broadcast "Gold Futures," exposing a myriad of lies within the documentary by Hungarian filmmaker Tibor Kocsis.

Gold Futures carries a host of myths, factual inaccuracies and obviorus attempts to hoodwink his audience. These cannot just be mistakes. Perhaps Kocsis believes his films are ‘good lies’, peddled to raise awareness about an important issue - where exaggeration and omission are morally the right thing to do. But whether a conscious attempt to pull the wool over people’s eyes or just shoddy film making, this is not an objective film.

This is not a David versus Goliath struggle, tiny environmentalist groups versus the ‘big bad’ gold-company. Some of the richest and most powerful environmental NGOs in the world – Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth, the George Soros funded Open Society Foundation, and the Goldman Environmental Foundation have allied with some of the largest landowners in the valley to stop the mine.

Again, the question is, why is Soros working so hard to stop the Rosia Montana gold mine? Is he merely trying to protect the value of his investments in the stocks of two rival gold mining companies.

Will the elite American media which has covered the Rosia Montana story - specifically the New York Times - ask Soros such questions?

And will PBS broadcast Mine Your Own Business, a documentary with a different perspective on the Rosia Montana gold mine and the environmental groups and NGOs oppsing it?