Video: How the Media Should Be Covering Biden’s Burisma Scandal

August 7th, 2023 12:24 PM

It’s safe to say that CNN, MSNBC, and the broadcast networks have no interest in fully explaining the Biden/Burisma corruption allegations. We got tired of waiting around, so we decided to do it for them. Using a handful of out-of-context news clips from the Trump Presidency, we’ve simulated what it might look like if the media ever actually covered the Burisma scandal.

Because the media accused Trump of just about every crime imaginable throughout his four years in office, it turns out there are loads of clips that fit President Biden’s situation rather well. Influence peddling, bribery, abusing diplomatic relations for personal gain — all of these charges were leveled against Trump repeatedly. Thanks to the first impeachment, we even found some clips of journalists talking about “this Ukraine situation.”

Keep in mind that all of the journalists in these clips are talking about Trump. They’ve just been taken out of context (deliberately) and strung together with some quality voice-over by MRCTV director Eric Scheiner. The result is a short, educational primer about President Biden, his son Hunter, and a Ukrainian energy company.