Media Deem Biden Docs a ‘Distraction;’ ‘Night and Day’ Different from Trump

January 16th, 2023 11:43 AM

The rapidly unfolding nightmare of President Biden’s document scandal prompted desperate talking points from Democrat-friendly cable networks last week, the most prominent of which was the claim that Biden’s classified document issues bore “night and day” differences to those of former President Trump.



Pundits were clearly rankled that Republicans were drawing comparisons between Biden and Trump, and they endeavored at every turn to point out the differences between the two cases. As disgraced former FBI operative Andy McCabe put it on Wednesday’s edition of CNN tonight:

The distinctions between how [Biden] and his team have handled this, and how President Trump and his lawyers handled the situation at Mar-A-Lago could not be more distinct, right? It’s, it’s — it’s night and day.

Deadline: White House host Nicolle Wallace, one of MSNBC’s most vociferous Biden cheerleaders, spent the week downplaying Biden’s potential mishandling of classified documents. On Thursday, she summarized the story: “In November, President Biden’s lawyers found less than a dozen documents in an office he used in Washington and turned them over to the National archives. That’s about it.”

During that same show, MSNBC contributor Harry Litman insisted Biden’s case was “not the sort of thing you need a Special Counsel for.”

Yet despite the corporate media’s protests, a Special Counsel has been appointed. One suspects he will not receive the same high praise with which the media routinely showered Robert Mueller.