NYT's Krugman Loses it Over 'Donald the Unready'

Will New York Times columnist Paul Krugman ever recover from Donald Trump’s election?

In his Times column published on Inauguration Day 2017, Krugman lashed out desperately at President-elect Trump and his associates, calling him an “insecure, short-attention-span egomaniac” whose “administration would be blatantly corrupt.”

The “typical Trump nominee” meanwhile, he caricatured as “ethically challenged, ignorant about the area of policy he or she is supposed to manage and deeply incurious.”

Krugman emphatically declared that the “Trump-Putin administration” would be “completely unprepared” for the crises ahead because “they can’t be resolved with a killer tweet or by having your friends in the F.B.I or the Kremlin feed the media stories that take your problems off the front page.”

After it was published, Krugman took to Twitter and complained about America’s democratic process:

The article, headlined “Donald the Unready,” was trending briefly on Twitter. Media figures including CNN Political Commentator Keith Boykin tweeted Krugman’s article:

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Krugman’s Jan. 20, 2017, verbal attack was just the latest of his rhetorical panic attacks over Trump.

On Nov. 8, Krugman’s Twitter feed went from depressed to downright apocalyptic as a Trump victory moved from possibility to a reality.

After the news broke early Nov. 9, that Trump had won the presidential election, Krugman confidently declared that the markets would “never” recover. In spite of Krugman’s predictions, though, the markets soared to all-time highs in the weeks following.

Three weeks after the election, Krugman compared Trump’s incoming administration to the Nazi occupation of France and declared that anyone who “plays along” with Trump “is betraying America, and mankind.”

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