Hannity Uncorks on CNN and MSNBC for Missing One Big Point

June 21st, 2019 6:25 AM

In the TV age, there's never been a more dramatic defeat for the media than on Election Day 2016. Despite the press and their pollsters guaranteeing a win for Hillary Clinton, the unthinkable occurred when Donald Trump was elected President, which sent shock waves through the liberal media. Rather than learn from their errors and approach the public with more humility, the media continue to say the nastiest things about President Trump and every voter who put him in office.

On Wednesday night, Fox News host Sean Hannity showed CNN and MSNBC clips of liberal-media contempt for Trump's campaign kickoff rally in Orlando. There were snide comments from David Jolly saying the media need to hold Trump voters accountable for their hateful chants. There was Joe Scarborough saying Trump was Fat Elvis from right before he died in 1977. There was Rick Wilson sneering that Trump voters came in their "formal flip-flops and cargo pants."

Then Hannity uncorked a message with one big point: You people don't get the average American, the ones who voted for Trump and don't like your contempt for their values and lifestyle.

SEAN HANNITY: I have a message for the conspiracy theorists on fake news NBC, the conspiracy network, the Americans who showed up last night in flip-flops and cargo shorts, they will be the people who choose the next president. They are the ones who were right in 2016 and all of you were wrong. I suggest you go back and watch yourself on Election Day and I know the exit polls show that Donald Trump didn't win and you all started your coverage giddy and happy and uplifted and you thought you had it in the bag. Then all of a sudden, North Carolina came around and Wisconsin came around and Michigan came around and Pennsylvania came around and Ohio came around and yeah, Florida came around and what happened? It didn't work out the way you wanted and you could see the depression set in in the media mob, an amazing night.

The forgotten men and women in this country, the ones that suffered the most under Biden-Obama, the people that make this country great every day, they didn't buy into your lies, your conspiracy theories and your hoax the last two years and as the President has been setting records as it relates to the economy and jobs and everything else, they have turned off the nightly vitriol on fake news CNN and MSNBC, they have had enough of all of your disgusting Hitler comparisons too.

Hannity took on CNN's boss: "Jeff Zucker, you run fake-news CNN. Your ratings are in the tank. I know Jimmy Acosta is begging to be on my show. His book was 550 on Amazon today. You can barely break a million any hour during the day, we had over 5 million last night -- nobody is watching." He trashed Zucker for letting CNN host Don Lemon compare the president to Hitler, claiming he was killing people. "You should be ashamed of yourself," Hannity said. 

He said the real story for Lemon was this: "when the President was six minutes into his speech last night, and said all of those fake news people in the back and then the crowd started chanting again -- screaming -- telling the truth about fake news CNN, that CNN sucks, CNN couldn't take the criticism and they turned it off."

To blatantly ignore any good news that's happened under this president in order to spend thousands of hours of air time perpetuating conspiracies and insulting him only shows how disconnected the media remain from fairness and balance, not to mention the millions of Americans who support Trump.