MRC's Bozell, FBN's Cavuto Discuss NYTimes Hit Pieces on Rubio

June 9th, 2015 3:42 PM

In the 2012 primary cycle, "systematically with every single Republican, the media did a gotcha hit job" and "It's going to happen all over again" this cycle, Media Research Center founder and president Brent Bozell noted on today's Cavuto: Coast to Coast program on Fox Business.

Bozell was reacting to two back-to-back New York Times hit pieces on Sen. Marco Rubio, one regarding traffic tickets, and another regarding Rubio's personal finances. Regarding the latter, Bozell noted, nothing was turned up save to show that, at age 28, "he, like maybe everybody else, had trouble making ends meet." 

And, of course, Bozell noted, it now turns out that the financial adviser the Times quoted as being troubled by the "staggering issue" of Rubio's finances, well, "he's a Barack Obama supporter," something the Times did not disclose to readers.

For his part, Fox host Neil Cavuto said he wasn't so much troubled by scrutinizing Rubio's family finances as the issue of double standards in the media: 

By all means, go after candidates if this is going to be your issue, but be fair and balanced about it. Be just as aggressive going after Hillary Clinton and her finances or any of the other Democrats and their finances, rich or poor alike. But I find it just find it a bit specious to target him.