Biden Tossing In Towel on Tomorrow's Elections?

November 3rd, 2014 5:45 AM

C'mon man! That's no way for a plucky VP like you to talk just two days before the elections!  As a loyal member of the DNC email list, last night I received a message from Joe Biden that sounded decidedly down in the mouth; frankly fatalistic.

Here's how Good Ol' Joe opened [emphasis added throughout]: "No matter what happens on Tuesday, I'm proud of you, Mark."  "No matter what happens?" Not exactly a bold prediction of victory! Particularly when it was followed by this: "You've helped to keep us in this campaign." Just kept us in it?  Don't you remember when Hillary threw her hat in the ring for 2008?  She boldly declared that she was "in to win!"  Now that's confidence!

By the end of his message, the Veep did deploy some of that man-of-the-people patter that has made him so beloved by us workaday Americans. Wrote regular-guy Joe: "all the hard work we've put in and all the money you've donated won't mean squat if voters don't get to the polls."

Let's see if we can rally Joe's spirits in these final, crucial hours.  Join me in a rousing chorus of "stand up, Chuck!"  I mean, Joe.  And God love you!