Derp! Chris Matthews Thinks Blockbuster Video Stores Are Still Around

In some ways, the gaffetastic Chris Matthews is the Joe Biden of cable news. Tonight on his Hardball program, the liberal pundit seemed to suggest that Blockbuster video stores are a fairly ubiquitous thing in suburban and small-town America, even in "hollowed-out" cities going through hard economic times. In point of fact, Blockbuster Video closed up shop entirely in January of 2014, felled by the ease and convenience of cable TV video-on-demand and video-streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Matthews made the quip in the midst of a discussion with Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D-Ohio) and David Axelrod over internal strife in the Democratic Party about the question of approving the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) which most Republicans and President Obama support. Here's the relevant transcript: 

April 16, 2015

CHRIS MATTHEWS, anchor to David Axelrod: David, that's always the best argument against free trade. A point defense kind of thing. If you look in particular areas, Michigan City, a lot of the a lot of Midwestern cities have nothing less than a Blockbuster and a diner left, if they have the diner, and if they have the Blockbuster. They're hollowed-out cities.

So when you look at trade that way, city by city, section by section, it's a hard fight. If you look at the whole country, and you look at the Silicon Valley or 128 Massachusetts, areas of the country which have boomed through high-tech and other means, it looks pretty good. How's it balance out to you?

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