SNL’s Obama Shoves Immigration Bill Down Stairs of Capitol Hill

Following President Obama’s decision to ignore Congress and issue an executive action on immigration reform, Saturday Night Live hilariously mocked the decision on their Saturday night broadcast. 

During the show’s opening, SNL did their own “School House Rock” segment featuring an immigration reform bill being shoved down the steps of Capitol Hill by President Obama, played by Jay Pharoah, in favor of his preferred choice, an executive action. 

After SNL’s Obama shoves the bill down, his “executive order” played by Bobby Moynihan appears on stage and declares “I’m an executive order and I pretty much just happen.” 

The rest of the segment showed the “bill” arguing that elections have consequences and how immigration reform should go through the normal congressional process but President Obama continued to shove the bill down several more times. The “executive order” laughed when it was suggested that immigration reform go through Congress and proclaimed “that’s adorable, you still think that’s how government works.” 

Immigration NBC Saturday Night Live Barack Obama

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