CensorTrack with TR: Big Tech PURGES Free Speech Backer, Dan Bongino

January 19th, 2022 12:30 PM

It’s Episode Twenty-One of MRC’s newest video series, CensorTrack with TR. This week we talked about how Big Tech silenced Fox News host Dan Bongino for voicing his thoughts.

YouTube suspended Bongino from posting videos for one week following supposed “misinformation.” Bongino has 850,000 subscribers on YouTube whom, for the time being, he cannot reach on that platform. 

Bongino backs an alternate social media platform, Rumble, which noted its solidarity with Bongino via Twitter. Rumble tweeted: “Dan Bongino, one of the most vocal supporters of free speech and the 1st amendment was just suspended on YouTube where their CEO says free speech is a ‘core value’. Freedom of expression is a human right, full stop. @dbongino & all creators, we have your back. #StandWithDan.”

YouTube and Twitter have previously censored Bongino for various other posts. An online advertising group called Outbrain dissolved a contract agreement it had with Bongino for alleged “violation of the terms of our agreement,” according to a screenshot Bongino shared on his Twitter page. 

The common theme amongst Bongino’s censorship is that Big Tech silences speech that contradicts leftist ideology. As Bongino is outwardly conservative, Big Tech takes every chance they get to silence the free speech-advocating and First Amendment-supporting man that Bongino is. 

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