Ex-Google Employees Come Forward with Disturbing Allegations on DEI Pandering

March 25th, 2024 4:41 PM

Leftist Big Tech giant Google seems unable to catch a break—and rightfully so!

In remarks to media start-up The Free Press and Fox Business, former Google employees raised the alarm about the extent to which left-wing ideology has been embedded in the tech giant, corroborating widespread concerns that Google is actively peddling woke diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) through its products.

At least four former Google employees blew the whistle on DEI becoming “part of every single thing” in the Alphabet subsidiary. Even more telling was their statements that Gemini — Google’s infamous No Whites Allowed artificial intelligence chatbot — was the direct byproduct of the left-wing ideology at Google.

Speaking to The Free Press, Shaun Maguire, a former partner at Google Ventures, declared not being “shocked at all” after critics—including MRC Free Speech America—caught Gemini bafflingly generating ethnically diverse photos of black Nazis, black George Washington and a woman Pope, among others. However, Maguire warned that “‘what happened was not a one-off incident’” but is rather “‘a symptom of a larger cultural phenomenon that has been taking over the company for years.’”

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Echoing Maguire’s remarks, a former AI researcher at Google Brain told Free Press anonymously: “‘The model is just a reflection of the people who trained it. It’s just a series of decisions that humans have made.’”

James Damore, a former Google software engineer, issued a contentious memo in 2017 dubbed “Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber.” In it, he called out Google’s inherent discriminatory practices against men to increase the recruitment of women. According to The Free Press, Google fired Damore just a month after the memo.

David Kiferbaum, a former Google business manager, said that his superiors at the tech giant pressured him into hiring minorities after Damore’s ouster.

“We’re really looking for diverse candidates for this role,” Kieferbaum recounted being told by Google, prompting his shock. “I was like, ‘Whoa, I can’t believe this person is saying this out loud,’” he said.

The Free Press’s sources echoed the remarks of a former high-level Google employee cited by Fox Business on March 21. The former employee exclaimed that the tech company is pushing “‘diversity’” in an alleged partisan attempt to appease the current political environment.

The source said that as soon as President Joe Biden was elected, “‘it was diversity everything.’” The former employee stated that the bigger question went far beyond whether Google is simply pushing a certain agenda. “‘The question is, why do companies get to decide in the first place? Why does Google get to decide what I get access to based on what they think is right or wrong,’” he asked.

According to the Fox Business source, Google plays “whatever political side of the fence” whenever convenient, which given Google’s recent actions overwhelmingly indicates its sordid favor for the left. The source further elaborated, “‘What these companies do is they follow the climate of the environment that their app is operating in.’”

The Fox Business source alleged that the current push for DEI is traceable to 2020, which followed the murder of George Floyd and the subsequent Black Lives Matter protests. The source alleged that Google had been pushing DEI philosophy since then.

Fast forward to 2024, and now there is Gemini.

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