YIKES! New AllSides Study Shows Google News Pro-Leftist Bias Got WORSE

February 23rd, 2024 5:13 PM

“Be Evil” should be Google’s new motto these days. The anti-free speech Big Tech giant has continued its sordid habit of suppressing right-leaning media sources while inundating users with left-leaning content.

A new analysis from media solutions company AllSides once again found that Google News is overwhelmingly elevating news media from “the left” while burying news media from “the right.” AllSides monitored Google News' homepage over a two-week period in 2023 and uncovered that a whopping 63 percent of 494 articles came from sources “on the left.” By contrast, only a negligible six percent came from sources “on the right.” In addition, the group also analyzed stories generated through Google News’s search results based on specific prompts like “Economy” and “Abortion,” which likewise produced heavily skewed results favoring the left. 

AllSides noted in its write-up of the study results that the 63 percent figure for left-leaning outlets reflected “a larger share [of the sources analyzed] than in 2022, when 61% of articles on Google News were from liberal outlets. In 2023, 6% of articles were from sources on the right; in 2022, just 3%.” As the U.S. braces for a contentious presidential election in November, it is clear that Google News is doing everything it can to manipulate the information flow to the left’s advantage. 

AllSides CEO John Gable told MRC Free Speech America that “Google News' bias may or may not be intentional, but it is pronounced.” He noted that AllSides data and Google News studies have been “consistent” going all the way back to  2018. “When readers are stuck inside one-sided filter bubbles democracy languishes,” Gable said. “Rather than supporting a thriving society where readers are empowered to think for themselves, Google sows distrust and polarization.” Gable further added that “this type of one-sided bias goes far, impacting everything from general search results to social media algorithms to AI.” 

Gable concluded by highlighting the importance of addressing Google’s bias regardless of which way the tech giant leans on the political spectrum. "I don’t care if it is left or right bias - we must fight anything that manipulates us into angry and misinformed echo chambers that cause us to hate each other and rip our society apart.” Google News’ is clearly intent on pressing its thumb on the scale.

MRC Free Speech America Vice President Dan Schneider praised AllSides’ work exposing Google News in a statement: 

There are many fakers out there who claim to rate bias among media outlets. AllSides is the real deal. The others really exist to drive advertising revenues away from news sources they disagree with. John Gable and his team deserve a lot of credit for doing their work faithfully and doing it well.

The top news source for Google News’ homepage was none other than leftist Bidenomics propaganda outlet CNN. This should come as no surprise since AllSides found the greatest disparity in results when it searched Google News for the term “Economy.” In fact, a whopping 78 percent of the sources generated by Google News for “economy” came from leftist outlets, while only four percent came from right leaning outlets. The latest analysis noted that the “Economy” results reflected a sizable 33 percent increase in the share of sources generated from the left. 

Other search results further established Google News as nothing more than a left-wing echo-chamber. In Google News searches for the term “Abortion” 76 percent of the article results came from left leaning outlets, while only five percent were from right leaning outlets. 

Results for the term “Climate change” were just as bad. Left-leaning sources made up 76 percent of  results in a Google News search for “Climate Change,”  while only four percent came from right-leaning sources. When it came to the term “Election,” 66 percent of the stories Google News generated were from left-leaning news outlets, and just ten percent were from right-leaning outlets. The fact that Google is determined to elevate left-leaning content on elections is par for the course given its documented history of manipulating its own search engine to elevate Democratic candidates while burying Republican candidates. MRC Free Speech America has repeatedly shown through multiple analyses how Google manipulated its search algorithms to suppress President Joe Biden’s political opponents (e.g. Trump, Vivek Ramaswamy) in blatant displays of grotesque election interference.

Google News, however, is not alone in trying to maintain a vice grip on the information flow to ensure its filtered through a left-wing bias. “Of all news aggregators audited, Bing News showed the most bias, with 83% of articles being from media outlets on the left, according to a March 2023 AllSides analysis. Apple News displayed 53% of news articles from sources with an AllSides Media Bias Rating™ on the left, and just 1% from sources on the right, according to a summer 2023 analysis.” 

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