Google Shopping Sells Antifa ‘Riot F**k Cops’ Merchandise

July 16th, 2019 11:19 AM

Google users can’t buy and sell guns on the platform. But they can buy and sell violent propaganda from the dangerous street thugs known as “Antifa.” 

Fox News reported that an armed member of Antifa, specifically, the Puget Sound John Brown Club,  threw “fire bombs” on July 15 at an immigration center in Tacoma, Washington. Willem von Spronsen opened fire on police officers and shot “several times,” and was shot down by the officers. 

Disturbingly, the search query “antifa bomber” results in merchandise geared toward the violent far-left movement. Among the hats and flags marked with the international Antifa symbol, a bag and a phone case were being sold with the product description, “Riot Fuck Cops Tattoo Freedom Antifa Hooligan Nato Bombing Acab Blood Hardcore.” 

Simply type in the word “antifa” in the search bar, and the first result is a T-shirt with the description, “LeftFist John Brown LEFTISTS Own Guns Too Shirt | Socialist Rifle Gun Club Communist Anarchist Antifa AntiFascist.”  


Google also sells, under the same search result, a T-shirt that has a guillotine on it. The product description states: “LeftFist Guillotine Shirt | Eat The Rich, anticapitalist, Antifa AntiFascist Action T-Shirt Tee Shirt Leftist Leftism Marxist Socialist Communist.

In addition, under the search results for the query, “milkshake antifa,” Google provides T-shirts and hats with the labels, “Auntie Fa’s finest milkshakes,” “join the milkshake revolution,” or a hand-stitched embroidered item with a molotov cocktail. The product description for the last one is: “RIOT! Hand Stitched Protest Art. Riot Art. Anti Fascist. Hand Stitched Gift. Activism Gift. Anarchist. Funny. Finished Cross Stitch.”

Quillette editor Andy Ngo was assaulted by members of Antifa in Oregon in June. He had milkshakes laced with quick-drying cement thrown at his head, and sustained a brain hemorrhage. 


Further investigation into violent search queries include a “Kill Trump” T-shirt (under the query, “shoot trump).