CEO Dorsey: Twitter ‘Amplifies Counter Narrative’ When Trump Tweets

January 23rd, 2019 2:13 PM

Twitter’s liberal CEO wants the platform to counteract President Trump.

In an interview with Rolling Stone on January 23, Jack Dorsey talked about the importance of being “a citizen of the world,” how Twitter should address climate change, and fake news on the platform. He told the interviewer that the important thing about fake news was not whether or not it was true or false, but rather “is it misleading?” Dorsey also informed his interviewer that Twitter made an effort many times Trump tweeted to “amplify the counter-narrative.”

He said, “A lot of times when our president tweets, a Moment occurs, and we show completely different perspectives.”

In the second major interview that Dorsey has done with openly liberal media in a week, he seemed to focus mainly on how Twitter provides a left-wing point of view. Dorsey seemed to think the video where CNN White House Correspondent Jim Acosta wrenched a microphone from a White House aide,  was doctored. He opined, “It’s so easy, potentially, to create alternative narratives.”

In the interview with the Huffington Post, published January 17, reporter Ashley Feinberg asked Dorsey if Twitter would ban Trump if he called for the murder of a journalist. Dorsey admitted that a tweet like that from Trump would probably cause a ban. But when the Supreme Leader of Iran, Khomeini, tweeted for the annihilation of Israel and all the Jewish people, Twitter turned a blind eye.

Dorsey announced that he would rather people used Twitter to solve more pressing problems, like climate change. He said that while he hated the “echo chambers” where Twitter users apparently resorted to “tribalism” and “nationalism,” Twitter should strive for something different. “What we need the world to consider, which is, how do we solve climate change? There’s no country anywhere on the planet that’s gonna solve it alone,” he said.

Meanwhile, Twitter has acted like it is bent on censoring conservative voices. The company recently put a new policy into place which bans users who “misgender” other users. Conservative figures, such as Jesse Kelly and Laura Loomer, have been banned or suspended mysteriously.