NYT Pressures Twitter to Stop ‘Promotion of Fringe Hate Groups’

August 13th, 2018 1:42 PM

The media thinks that the biggest problem with social media sites is that they aren’t doing enough to spread liberal propaganda and squelch conservative thought.

In a piece by the New York Times on Tuesday, Cecilia Kang wrote about how she and Kate Conger attended a Twitter meeting, meant to discuss the removal of “dehumanizing content,”  only to be disappointed. She wrote, “I felt that depicting a policy meeting that didn’t result in substantive changes, which was basically what happened, was in itself revealing about the state of Twitter.” Her issue with Twitter? Its policies were not transparent, and the site was allowing “fringe hate groups” to use the platform.

Kang wanted to know why it was so difficult for Twitter to “rid its site of harassment, misinformation, and the promotion of fringe hate groups.” She found irony in Twitter requesting that no one on the team be named, saying that “it was striking that the company couldn’t protect its own employees on its site--a sigh of its difficulty moderating its own platform.”

Dorsey is allegedly getting in touch with his inner human side, announcing to the reporters that he was “thinking deeply about human rights law and listening to audiobooks on speech and expression.” Quick, somebody give him a medal. However, nothing was said about shadowbanning of conservatives or banning/suspending conservative media figures from the platform.

Rather, the Times reported, “while Twitter’s longtime guiding principle has been free expression, the company is now discussing ‘that safety should come first.’” Dorsey told the reporters that “it isn’t enough to promote free expression. . . the site needs to be a healthier and safer environment.”