Ingraham Angle Highlights Exclusive MRC Research on Google’s Election Interference

November 9th, 2023 4:14 PM

The Ingraham Angle on Wednesday featured MRC Free Speech America’s exclusive research exposing Google’s election-interfering search engine bias.

MRC Free Speech America published its latest research on Nov. 8 showing that Google’s search engine is still burying President Joe Biden’s opponents (except Democrat Marianne Williamson), even in searches specifically for “republican” or “independent presidential campaign websites.” Fox News host Laura Ingraham and EWTN host Raymond Arroyo discussed MRC’s exposé on The Ingraham Angle. As Arroyo put it, “Google may be trying to tip the scales in Biden’s favor” for the 2024 election.

Ingraham began, “Silicon Valley’s already showing who they’re supporting,” highlighting MRC’s Google study. Arroyo agreed, noting Google seems to be helping Biden “by burying the campaign websites of all of his competitors in their search engines. The Media Research Center discovered [that] if you Google the phrase ‘presidential campaign websites,’ which we did, Biden’s website is the third result—while Trump’s isn’t even shown in the first page.”

A similar search for “republican presidential campaign websites” brings up no GOP candidates, except former Rep. Will Hurd, who dropped out. Democrat Williamson’s site does appear. “We also searched ‘independent presidential candidate websites,’” Arroyo went on, noting that neither leftist activist Cornel West nor environmentalist attorney Robert F. Kennedy Jr. appeared on Google’s first page of results. “And less than 1% of people go beyond that first page when they Google something,” Arroyo added.

Ingraham observed, “Another reason to go DuckDuckGo,” referring to an alternative search engine. Arroyo argued that Biden’s obvious incompetence and ill health (not even including the growing allegations of Biden family corruption and money laundering) are spurring Google to manipulate its search results ahead of the election. “Big Tech is crashing in to help the president,” Arroyo ended.

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