Free Speech Film ‘No Safe Spaces’ to Trigger Liberals With National Premiere

October 25th, 2019 4:39 PM

“This is why we’re fighting for the soul of America.” Conservative thought leader Dennis Prager and celebrity comedian Adam Corolla teamed up to create what looks to be a no-holds-barred brawler of a film to defend free speech.

Dennis Prager and comedian Adam Carolla are co-stars in No Safe Spaces, a soon to be smash hit documentary that premieres tonight in Phoenix, Arizona. “It will open in dozens of theaters — producers hope hundreds — nationwide next week,” The Federalist observed.

The trailer is available here for viewing.

While the film itself “has no direct affiliation with PragerU,” The Federalist noted the following:

“[T]he efforts represent multiple fronts in the same battle. ‘No Safe Spaces,’ from longtime producer Mark Joseph, serves as a thesis statement of PragerU’s cause. It takes audiences on a road trip to several U.S. universities where campus riots, at times violent, break out against invited conservative speakers.

The film also has many public figures among its speakers,

“On-scene footage of student protesters cuts to dramatic reenactments of scenes from Prager and Carolla’s lives, short animated vignettes, and interviews with such voices as Canadian professor Jordan Peterson, former Obama administration czar Van Jones, comedian Tim Allen, former CBS reporter Sharyl Attkisson, and Harvard University professor Cornel West.“

On the film’s official website users can insert their zipcode to find local theatres playing the film.

“This film is really years in the making,” Prager commented in The Federalist piece. “You might say it’s a movie that documents something, that would be fair. But it is both a documentary and a drama, as many dramas take place within it of my life, of Adam’s life, and of many other lives.”

As The Federalist cited, “only hours before” the premier, PragerU itself is busy waging its court case, Prager University v. Google, against the Big Tech search giant Google for alleged bias in its sister company YouTube.

According to PragerU’s past outreach to the MRC, over 200 of its videos are restricted on YouTube. During their previous Aug. 27. hearing at the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, Peter Obstler, the lawyer representing PragerU, specifically addressed how absurd it was that PragerU’s tame videos are listed as “restricted” in the same manner as videos which contain violence or explicit content.

Craig Strazzeri, Chief Marketing Officer for Prager University alleged to the Federalist that “YouTube continues to restrict more and more PragerU videos, and they have never given us a logical or rational answer as to why.” He added further, “It’s obvious it’s because of our conservative ideology. We’ve had more than 600,000 Americans sign a petition saying they don’t think our videos should be restricted.”

The movie itself was reportedly “backed by more than $690,000 in crowdfunding from 6,868 supporters” and “aims to convey a message beyond ideological lines.”