Gay, Black Conservative Returns from Suspension

August 22nd, 2019 2:55 PM

Twitter is one of the worst Big Tech offenders when it comes to silencing critics of liberal orthodoxy — even if you are African-American and gay. Then it depends on your politics.

Conservative commentator Benji Irby, who has defended President Donald Trump and conservatisim to his own gay and black communities was recently censored after posting a video on YouTube.

After this, he had not only lost his followers, but Twitter made it look as if he deliberately blocked them, in what appeared to be an attempt to alienate him from his supporters. 

“Twitter suspended my account indefinitely for no apparent reason on Monday, July 22, 2019 after posting an innocuous video reaching out to black Democrats.”

In the video he explained that the Democrats were pushing for both legal and illegal migration as a weapon so they can demographically turn red states blue. This he argued, hurts the black community. 


NewsBusters TechWatch interviewed Irby over the phone shortly after the incident. 

When asked about why the left thinks he is dangerous, he replied that is because he has been “showing black people that the Democratic Party has strategically put illegals before them.” He said the Democratic party depends upon a racial narrative of black oppression by conservatives in order to continue exploiting them for support. 

He blasted the Democratic party for appealing to the black struggle against historical oppression while pursuing policies that actively are bad for black communities today. “Our struggle is being used to push illegal immigration but nothing is really happening for us,” he said.

He stressed that as long as Democrats push a “racial narrative” demonizing people like Trump, that black Americans “will sit idly by” while the Democratic party pushes for illegal immigration at the expense of black workers.

He claimed that Big Tech companies lie about being open forums for debate while acting as publishers that can select who has a right to express their opinions. He said they should be regulated like news networks

He described how “in a perfect world” there would be no real restriction on what ideas people want to express “outside of yelling fire in a theatre.” He said that people should be allowed to say “whatever the hell they wanna say.” 

“Twitter and Facebook ought to be open to all” he said. He implore that it should be up to regular people “to figure out whether something is fake or real,” not suspicious “fact checkers,” companies, or algorithms.”

Irbi said that Bg Tech platforms should either let everyone speak and choose what they wish to see or not want to see, or platforms should be regulated like news networks.

“We can’t let this kind of censorship go on. It’s totally unfair,” he said, “something must be done on the government level at this point.”

For whatever reason, his account was restored as of August 12 and is back in action.