Twitter Took Over 11 Hours to Remove Actor’s Call to Kill Jewish People

July 2nd, 2019 1:45 PM

The platform that rapidly bans people for tweeting “learn to code” took its sweet time removing legitimate death threats. 

Egyptian actor Hesham Mansour, with an 800,000 following on Twitter, tweeted some hateful and dangerous rhetoric in late June 2019. 

From conspiracy theories that “the Jews” use sorcerous powers to “[steal] all the positive energy” and manipulate the space-time continuum, to causing all terrorism, depression, and darkness itself, Mansour ascribes to all forms of anti-semitic beliefs.

According to The Forward, the tweet that got him banned was his call saying “Now lets kill some jews” [sic] which was retweeted 325 times before being deleted more than 11 hours later.  

On June 29 he wrote “Watch me torture jews, when the time comes,” later adding “and watch the whole world watch in silence.”

The Forward attests that the previous week he has blamed ““all negativity in the world” and “all terrorism in the world” as well as “all depression, darkness,” on Jewish people.

Though The Forward does not cite the specific tweet, it claims that Mansour proclaimed “20 million Jews were raped by Jews this year, and that Jews controlled the space-time continuum.”

When The Forward reached out to Twitter after Mansour’s suspension, the social media giant replied that “The account has been suspended for multiple violations of the Twitter Rules,” though it did not say why he was allowed to remain online for so long.

Offensive speech, even hateful speech is one thing, but for first amendment advocates the line is drawn at brazen calls for violence. 

Twitter’s “hateful conduct policy” has been a lightning-rod for controversy, in light of its subjective and selectively enforced standards.

Twitter banned feminist Meghan Murphy for simply critiquing transgender idology. She was initially banned for tweeting  “Women aren’t men” and “How are transwomen not men? What is the difference between a man and a transwoman?”

The high inquisitors at Twitter offered her a second chance if she deleted her tweets. After temporarily recanting, she eventually doubled down, saying ““This is f—— bull—, @twitter. I’m not allowed to say that men aren’t women or ask questions about the notion of transgenderism at all anymore?” She later lamented the fact “that a multi-billion dollar company is censoring basic facts and silencing people who ask questions about this dogma is insane.”