Social Media Site Gab Adds Free Speech Free-for-All To Every Website 

February 19th, 2019 9:39 AM

Free speech social media site Gab is creating a program that will add a comment section to every website. 

Gab is a free speech alternative to Twitter. It is creating a downloadable add-on that will attach a comment section to every website. This will make every article, video, tweet, product, and many more into platforms for open critique and debate. 

The comments will be processed through Gab itself, which uses the U.S. Constitution 1st Amendment as its standard of moderation. This will be the site’s workaround to liberal websites that have  either removed comments section or heavily moderated it to silence critics. 

Gab, which has been criticized as being extremist-friendly, is deploying an add-on/plug-in a user can download. Users will be able to view and participate in the Gab comment section on every website. It’s designed as a workaround for critique on every liberal news report, Wikipedia page, or site that otherwise would be able to delete or shut off comments.

Gab CEO Andrew Torba posted numerous screenshots of how this will open liberal tweets, biased reporting, sketchy eBay listings, and biased Wikipedia articles to unmoderated debate. 

Gab tweeted that it will work around Twitter block system, so that even users who have been censored via bans will now be able to debate any post. “Adding a button next to every tweet on Twitter's own interface via our browser extension that will let you comment on it without fear of being banned,” said Torba. He then mischievously added that it will also allow users to “do so even if you've already been banned.” He called the tactic “8D chess.”

BigLeaguePolitics reached out to Torba, and he explained the ideas and rationale behind this work in progress. He first stated that comments sections were removed from mainstream news/blogs from “around 2013-2015.” 

Noting that political discourse then largely had to take place on social media. “From 2015-2019 social networks have been trying to stop this with AI, shadowbanning, censorship, and no-platforming. We built Gab in response to this. Now it’s time to take Gab and apply it to the entire internet. Every URL will have a public square. We are creating the comment section of the internet.”

“I have never in my career seen people so excited for a tech product,” Torba commented. “The feedback we are getting on this is phenomenal. People are fed up with being treated like children across the web.”

BigLeaguePolitics has a vested interest in combating liberal censorship, considering how one of its contributors was permanently suspended from Twitter. Activist and performance-artist Laura Loomer was permanently suspended for condemning Rep. Ilhan Omar’s antisemitism. Loomer was also recently financially blacklisted by PayPal.

When Google tried to use content warnings to scare people away from the plugin, Gab’s Twitter responded, “Yup Google is going to try to scare you... They can't stop you from using it.” he then added, “This is why we’ll just build our own browser eventually lol.”