Lefty Activists Blacklist Video Game over Old Tweets on Radical Feminism

January 7th, 2019 5:55 PM

A futurist video game has had its future jeopardized after left-wing activists have blacklisted it because of a creator’s old tweets against radical feminism.

This video game project The Last Night stole the show when its promo was revealed at video game industry conference E3 2017. The entire project is now in jeopardy after co-creator Tim Soret’s 2014 tweets against radical feminism were discovered and Liberal investors withdrew their support.

The tweets in question were nothing controversial, with statements like “I’m against feminism. . . I am for egalitarianism. I don’t care, boy, girl, alien,” or that he does not “buy the patriarchy stuff. Maybe it applies in the USA, but I live in Paris.” He also described his game’s world as one which can “show the danger of extreme progressivism” in a “cyberpunk world where modern feminism won instead of egalitarianism.”


The Blade Runner-influenced cyberpunk visuals and dystopian premise of The Last Night wowed crowds in 2017, and is already on over 186,000 gamer wish lists. But with liberal investors pulling out and conservative investors often disinterested in entertainment, the whole project is at risk even though it has all the makings of a bestseller.

Since then, the official page for the game has been written to describe the setting as a dystopian world where “Human labour and creativity has been rendered obsolete by AI, so people are now defining themselves by what they consume, not what they create.”

The game, made for PC and Xbox, has since come under fire by Microsoft itself. According to liberal game journalism outlet Kotaku, a Microsoft spokesperson said that they do not  “support comments that fail to reflect our commitment to diversity and inclusion, which are part of our everyday business and core values.”

Video game publisher Raw Fury denounced his earlier beliefs saying that they “believe in equality, believe in feminism, and believe everyone has a right and chance at the equal pursuit of happiness” and more or less only continue to work with him on the condition that his political views have changed and that “The Last Night does not spout a message steeped in regressive stances.”

Soret apologized quickly when the tweets were first discovered in 2017, but the damage to his game’s reputation had already been done. He recently explained in January that the project had “encountered massive business, legal & funding issues we can't talk about” and is once again raising funds according to his Development Update.

Gaming/Free Speech YouTuber and Journalist Ian Miles Cheong theorized in his coverage that “If I were to read between the lines, the publishers that were first backing The Last Night, which includes Sweden-based Raw Fury and Microsoft, may have pulled out due to industry blacklists." He then commented on how going against radical feminism makes one a pariah in today's world, "Who'd want to be associated with somebody who routinely comes under fire for calling himself an egalitarian?"