Bob Beckel Flips Middle Finger to Jesse Watters On-Air During FNC’s The Five

November 6th, 2014 7:00 PM

During Thursday’s edition of The Five on the Fox News Channel (FNC), co-host Bob Beckel displayed his middle finger toward fellow panelist Jesse Watters during a discussion about how race-baiting by Democrats in the runup to the 2014 midterm elections backfired. 

The discussion erupted following a point from Watters that the Democratic Party uses race in trying to convince voters to not vote Republican because they’re afraid to lose scores of African-American voters that have routinely voted for Democrats. Co-host Kimberly Guilfoyle added that such rhetoric doesn’t work in bringing Americans together.

Appearing visibly agitated, Beckel attempted to point out that Democrats James Clyburn and Charlie Rangel, who made respective racial comments about southern Republicans being racist and the Tim Scott’s election as the first African-American Senator from The South since Reconstruction. 

Beckel then began barking at Guilfoyle: “Would you address yourself to those people? They do not represent the Democratic Party. You didn’t see Maxine Waters out and say it.”

When co-hosts Eric Bolling and Dana Perino called Beckel out for it not being fair of him to say that, Watters joined in by asking Beckel whether “any white Democrats denouncing their rhetoric” because he “didn’t hear any.” Beckel then ‘flipped the bird’ after he was denouncing it, but Watters shot back that “[y]eah, but you’re not a leader.”