Rep. McCarthy: Facebook, Twitter Must ‘Stop the Bias’

Twitter’s fight with  conservatives has gotten so bad that politicians want to do something about it.

On the Ingraham Angle, on July 31, House Majority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) spoke about Twitter’s shadowbanning conservatives and the double standard applied to the right but but not to progressives. McCarthy criticized the Oregon congressional candidate on Twitter who implied that Melania Trump was a prostitute who gets paid “by the hour.” McCarthy questioned why the man wasn’t suspended but Ronna McDaniel, RNC chairwoman, was shadowbanned. He said, “What I fundamentally believe is they have to stop the bias.”

In reference to the news that the Oregon candidate insulted the First Lady, Ingraham said, “This is so low, but its one of the many things the left has said about conservative women over the last few years that have gone on with impunity. No repercussions, no boycotts, they say it, they get away with it, and they are celebrated for it.”

McCarthy replied, “That is why he is saying it. And this is inappropriate on any platform, to say about a First Lady, this First Lady or any other First Lady. And Twitter is treating people much different. You look at what they did to conservatives. They shadowbanned them. And when you shadowban somebody, everything you put up on Twitter is invisible except to yourself. And you know what they did to the RNC chair, Ronna McDaniel? They shadowbanned her. Congressman Devin Nunes, they shadowbanned him. Now they just said oh, it was a glitch, it was an algorithm. But there was not one of the 78 Democratic progressive liberal members who ever got shadowbanned. They are going after conservative speech.”

Going back to the slur against Melania Trump, McCarthy wondered why the author had not been taken off of Twitter yet: “Here is an individual that said a speech that in my belief is hateful. It is not for long on that platform. He [Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey] should suspend his account. He goes on to even speak more about the First Lady, but he bans conservatives.”   

Ingraham countered, “But if you said it about Michelle Obama, what would be happening?”

McCarthy then responded, “This person would be shut down. There would be no opportunity for them to be on Twitter again.”

He also added, “It’s a major problem because we found Facebook, prior to the last election, was suppressing conservative views that were going out there. It’s exactly what you are talking about. They are only allowing other views to come forward. That is why they have to have a very clear policy They have to be held accountable.”

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