Broadway Star Patti Lupone Won't Perform for 'Mother F***er' Trump

(Editor’s Note: This article contains offensive language)

Amidst all the political points made at the Tony awards, Patti Lupone, star of War Paint, had her own personal message for Donald Trump.

According to Elle magazine, she was approached by a reporter who asked her why Donald Trump should see her show.

“Well, I hope he doesn’t,” she said. “Because I won’t perform if he does.” And when the reporter prodded her for a reason, she blurted out, “Because I hate the mother fucker, how’s that?” And while Broadway has always showcased the most liberal outbursts, even the cast of Hamilton actually performed for Vice President Michael Pence, despite their political complaints.

Elle writer Mattie Kahn was thrilled, of course. She described Lupone as someone who “inhaled the pain and fury that women have endured silently for centuries.” Elle Magazine encouraged this kind of behavior, painting the incident as a triumph for feminists everywhere.

This is merely an example of the kind of hatred that the left displays for the POTUS. In a way, given the events of the Scalise shooting, one wonders if it is media coverage like this that encourages these violent incidents.