ROUNDUP: Media Shill for Target Bending Knee to Satanic Wokeism

May 26th, 2023 4:52 PM

ROUNDUP: Media Shill for Target Bending Knee to Satanic Wokeism While the rest of America was busy being appalled, leftist media hacks celebrated Target’s disturbing line of LGBTQ-themed merchandise designed by an avowed Satanist.

Various news outlets, including TheStreet, NBC, CNN and Forbes, went to bat for Target and its woke antics. TheStreet provided an absurd defense of Target’s CEO and the Satanic designer it partnered with, saying that the CEO thinks that “inclusion is just good business.” NBC came out in full support of the disgusting merchandise. CNN’s coverage of the situation zeroed-in on the right-wing backlash, mourning that it harms Target’s cause. Forbes tried to attack reasonable laws against drag shows for kids, which the outlet cites as a reason that Target tries to sell its despicable merchandise.

Target’s despicable merchandise advertised for “pride month” included onesies, “tuck-friendly” swimsuits, mugs, books with LGBTQ messages for babies, and t-shirts with the word “queer,” sometimes featured with obscene messaging. This is consistent with Target’s past  wokeness, including the 2016 “transgender” bathroom policy. Fortunately, common-sense Americans kicked back against the evil attack on children, and the woke corporation is beginning to pull some of this grotesque merchandise. Target lost a whopping $9 billion in market value following the controversy. But media outlets seemed more intent on erroneously painting Target as some kind of victim.

TheStreet might be one of the most aggressive defenders of Target’s woke actions, as it has published several articles defending the store. In one article, the outlet lauded Target’s CEO for his steadfast support of the radical “transgender” cause. TheStreet claimed that the policies are “good business decisions” and “the right thing[s] for society.” In another twisted article, the outlet complained about “‘anti-woke’” backlash to Target’s partnership with the avowed Satanist. TheStreet ridiculously alleged that the “bits about Satan [exist] as a metaphor.”

NBC joined TheStreet in shilling for Target. An NBC News report openly praised the new Target merchandise including the hideous crop tops that read “Live, Laugh, Lesbian,” among other reprehensible woke slogans. NBC also completely ignored any mention of Target’s partnership with the avowed Satanist.

CNN similarly wrote a blatantly biased piece claiming that “Target is being held hostage by an anti-LGBTQ campaign.” In its absurd article, CNN blames “right-wing personalities” for creating this campaign which “became hostile.” CNN defended Target’s actions and claimed that “the campaign misrepresented Target’s ambitions,” adding that much of the totally reasonable criticism was based on “misinformation.”

In another report, CNN buried Target’s partnership with the Satanist in the ninth paragraph. The outlet also buried any mention of the abhorrent pride-themed merchandise marketed to children in the tenth paragraph. It seems that CNN is not worried about the true issues at hand, but only the ways that Target has been negatively impacted.

Forbes also delved into the madness of defending Target. Forbes listed Target among corporations that have been the “latest focus of the LGBTQ culture wars.” Target “sparked outrage from conservatives… for selling trans-inclusive swimwear and items designed by a brand whose other designs have used Satanic imagery,” Forbes noted. The outlet framed the entire issue on how Target’s recent “decision” to backtrack and remove some of the controversial items “angered LGBTQ supporters.”

Conservatives are under attack. Call or write NBC at contact.nbcnews@nbcuni.comCNN at (404) 827-1500, Forbes at (800) 295-0893 or, and TheStreet at +1 (866) 321-8726 or, and demand that they stop being mouthpieces for woke corporations like Target!