Soros-Backed Leftist Wins Wisconsin Supreme Court Seat

April 5th, 2023 2:06 PM

George Soros’s scheme of funneling millions of dollars to overhaul America’s judicial system seems to be paying off, with Wisconsin becoming his latest return on investment. 

Judge Janet Protasiewicz, a Soros-tied leftist candidate for the Wisconsin Supreme Court, won the April 4 election, effectively establishing a Democrat majority on Wisconsin’s highest court for the first time in 15 years, the Associated Press reported April 5.

Wisconsin campaign finance filings, first revealed by Fox News on March 28, show leftist mega-donor George Soros funneled $1 million to the Democratic Party of Wisconsin on February 22, marking the largest donation to the party between Feb. 7 and March 20 alongside Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker (D), who also reportedly donated $1 million. 

Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice-elect Protasiewciz made overhauling the state’s pro-life laws a top priority of her campaign, breaking what The New York Times called “long-held notions of how judicial candidates should conduct themselves.”

Protasiewciz’s opponent, Dan Kelly —a former Wisconsin Supreme Court justice —conceded the election but not before slamming the Soros-tied leftist candidate as a “serial liar” and raising the alarm about what’s to come in Wisconsin:

“I do not have a worthy opponent to which I can conceit. This was the most deeply deceitful, dishonorable, despicable campaign I have ever seen run for the courts. It was truly beneath contempt. [...] My concern is the damage done to the institution of the courts. My opponent is a serial liar. She's disregarded judicial ethics. She's demeaned the judiciary with her behavior and this is the future that we have to look forward to in Wisconsin,” [emphasis added.]



Soros’s million-dollar donation to the Wisconsin Democratic Party echoes the 2021 contribution made to the Color of Change PAC right around the time that the group pledged $1 million to support  Alvin Bragg, the leftist Manhattan DA who made prosecuting former President Donald Trump a “number one issue” of his campaign. The Soros-tied Bragg came under scrutiny amid his ongoing prosecutorial vendetta against the former president.

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