‘Republican Strategist’ Ana Navarro Contributed Cash to Kamala Harris

November 7th, 2019 8:00 AM

CNN commentator Ana Navarro who calls herself a "Republican strategist" personally contributed to 2020 Democratic Party primary presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA). It may be about time for the liberal media to quit referring to her as a “Republican strategist.”

Open Secrets records show that Navarro contributed $288 to Harris’ campaign July 1, 2019. The anti-Trump firebrand’s hypocrisy in billing herself as a “Republican strategist’ is well documented. Conservative commentator Michelle Malkin claimed that Navarro had “voted for Hillary Clinton, cuddled up to Bill Clinton on a Florida golf course and climbed up the pundit ladder bashing mainstream Republicans at every turn.”

Navarro, when asked by CNN host Jake Tapper in April about her personal preference for a Democratic candidate, she stated she would vote for a “potted cactus” over Donald Trump, also confessing to Tapper she would not be voting in the Democratic Party primary because she’s still a registered Republican.

JAKE TAPPER: “Is there anybody that you would like the Democrats to put up? Let me put it that way.”

ANA NAVARRO: “Frankly, I’d rather somebody that’s not a socialist. I could enthusiastically support Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Amy Klobuchar. I mean, you know there’s--Pete Buttigieg...I mean I’m okay with any of them.”

Navarro’s enthusiasm monetarily favored the self-proclaimed “progressive Democrat” Harris, however, and her inability to vote in the Democratic Party primary did not prevent her from contributing.

Navarro also tweeted high praise for Harris on June 27, following her media-assisted performance at the first Democratic Party presidential debate:

“I am loving @KamalaHarris tonight. I so want to see her debating Trump. She is everything he is not: Empathetic. Smart as hell. Lawful. Knowledgeable. Eloquent. Unifying. Composed. Adult. Sane. Not racist. Not misogynist. Not ‘pendejo.’”

Navarro wrote an opinion piece June 28, providing commentary on the June 27 CNN-hosted presidential debate. In it, she praised Harris’s attack on Joe Biden, calling her the “MVP.”

“Sen. Kamala Harris downright torched him. She drew blood. In fact, the Most Valuable Player trophy goes to Harris. She owned the stage. She put into practice the skills she’s honed as a prosecutor and as a senator,” wrote Navarro.

Harris’s performance was apparently enough to encourage Navarro to contribute just three days later.

Navarro still proceeded to provide commentary on the Democratic Party primaries and candidates in the months following the July donation, leaving questions about potential conflicts of interests.

It’s strange how anybody still considers her to be a “Republican strategist.”

In 2016, The Hill recorded Navarro saying President Donald Trump was “unfit to be human,” regarding a tweet the president sent out following the death of former NBA basketball star Dwayne Wade’s cousin.

Navarro lashed out at CNN commentator Steve Cortes earlier this year for calling her a leftist. “I'm so tired of you calling me leftist just because you want to compromise your values,” stated Navarro. One would think donating nearly $300 to a liberal who had once co-sponsored democratic socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders’ Medicare-for-All bill while selling yourself as a strategist for Republicans would be a compromise of values.

Navarro lambasted Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) in an Oct. interview on ABC’s “The View,” when the Kentucky senator used Venezuela as an example to illustrate the horrors of socialism. She complained that Republicans were trying to fearmonger about socialism by using Venezuela as an example:

“Come on. Don't do that. Maduro is not a Socialist. He's a corrupt, murderous thug who is starving his people,” Navarro barked. She also accused Sen. Paul of mansplaining.

In 2017, Navarro criticized former Arizona state senator Steve Montenegro (R-AZ) for defending President Donald Trump’s pardon of former Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio. Navarro said, “Let me say this to you. There will be a lot of Latinos watching you and listening to you today who are going to say you're a self-loathing Latino who doesn't look at himself in the mirror.”

Montenegro responded, saying, “Ana, anybody can say that they're a Republican. Granted, you are a Republican but you're also a liberal. And you can't run away from that. The reality is that you voted for Hillary Clinton.”

Navarro retorted:

“Why am I a liberal? Because I want to defend the DREAM act kids? Why am I a liberal? Because I don't forget that I'm an immigrant and hispanic and I have a Latin accent when I speak English and I want to defend those who get racially profiled by people who would discriminate against us? Why am I a liberal? And yes, I voted for Hillary Clinton…”

Maybe it’s precisely because Navarro voted for then-Democratic Party nominee for president Hillary Clinton and because we now have a money trail connecting her to liberal Democrat candidate for president Sen. Kamala Harris.

As of 3:01 PM, Nov. 6, 2019, CNN had not responded to MRC Business' request for comment with a 4:00 PM, Nov. 6, 2019 deadline. As of the publishing of this article 8:00 AM, Nov. 7, 2019, CNN had still not responded to MRC Business' request for comment.

UPDATE: Further research into Federal Election Commission data revealed that Navarro made a second donation of  $73.20 to Harris' campaign on July 3, 2019. In total, the FEC reported that Navarro had contributed $361.14 so far to the Harris campaign.