MRC’s Gainor: ‘Media Have Been Trying’ to Impeach Trump Since Election

“The media are trying to craft a narrative so it makes Trump look bad,” according to MRC Vice President of Business and Culture Dan Gainor.

He spoke to Fox Business anchor Trish Regan on The Intelligence Report Nov. 14, about a recent exposé published by The Atlantic accusing Donald Trump Jr. of corresponding with Wikileaks a total of three times.

According to the left-wing magazine, Trump Jr. sent three messages in response to the attempts by Wikileaks to play a role in the election. Gainor reacted, “This is where we are in 2017, where three messages on Twitter is a national conspiracy!”

Gainor criticized the liberal media for attempting to damage the Trump name instead of reporting facts, “They’re ignoring the real story because it benefits them. The real story is these things keep leaking.”

“Don Jr. gave this information as he was supposed to, and then it leaks to the press because some people in the investigation are trying to take down the Trump administration with public scorn and media support, instead of actually doing the investigation like they are supposed to,” Gainor continued. “So he’s got to respond out in public on Twitter because that’s the way this game is being played, it’s being played behind closed doors, and the media are part of the players.”

He pointed out also that media continue ignoring stories surrounding Hillary Clinton and Russia because it does not fit their agenda, while “trying to craft narratives” that make the president look bad.

When Regan brought up the Clinton/Steele dossier, funded by the Clinton campaign as an attempt to link Trump to Russia, Gainor warned that the media will ignore that story too and “they’ve done everything they can to suppress it.”

Regan also asked why no one really paid attention to the efforts being made to pass tax cuts in Congress. Gainor attributed that to their disregard for people’s priorities and their own ambitions to impeach Trump.

“The American people — nobody cares about us. The media have been trying ever since Trump won to impeach him,” he said.

Gainor added, “From day one, not even since he took office, but literally since he won, they’ve been working with the deep state. You notice how that term has disappeared from the press? When the major media started using it, the conservative media started using it. All these leaks come from the deep state. And they are going right to the press. The press loves it because it gives them headlines and it helps them target Trump. It’s a symbiotic relationship.”  




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