Blackout! Media Ignore Lawsuit Against State Dept. Over Funding Soros Group

June 5th, 2017 8:59 AM

Since President Donald Trump’s election, the major media have feverishly covered alleged collusion with Russia. But they refused to report on evidence that the government worked with George Soros to fund “left-leaning policies” in foreign countries.

The conservative non-partisan educational foundation Judicial Watch announced on May 31 it was suing USAID and the State Department for refusing to answer FOIA requests “for records relating to their funding of the political activities of the Soros Open Society Foundation - Albania.”

Since the announcement, none of the broadcast networks, nor The New York Times, The Washington Post or comparable outlets reported the story. 

Only right-leaning media like The Washington Times, Fox News, The Heritage Foundation’s Daily Signal and Newsmax covered the story.

Judicial Watch filed the lawsuit because both the “State [Department] and USAID failed to respond to identical March 31, 2017, FOIA requests” seeking information on “contracts, grants or other allocations/disbursements of funds by the State Department (USAID) to the Foundation Open Society-Albania.”

The initial FOIA request followed a letter sent to Secretary of State Rex Tillerson requesting an investigation into “the relations between USAID and the Soros Foundations and how U.S. tax dollars are being used by the State Department and the USAID to support left-of-center political groups who seek to impose left-leaning policies in countries such as Macedonia and Albania.” 

Judicial Watch focused on Open Society Foundations - Albania in part because of leaked 2011 emails revealing Soros personally advised then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on “intervention in Albania’s political unrest.” Soros’ recommendations were carried out.

The networks likewise concealed the leaked Soros email in August 2016 that revealed his possible influence with Clinton’s State Department. 

USAID, the State Department, and several other government agencies have more than $364 million to the liberal Soros-funded Internews Network between 2002 and 2012. Internews operates in foreign countries including the Middle East and North Africa.