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Editor & Publisher editor Greg Mitchell is hot on the trail with a year long E&P tribute to local newspapers that are covering "the shocking number of suicides among U.S. troops in Iraq or after they return home". At first I figured this was a strange tribute to be making, especially considering that Mitchell didn't bother to present any facts when implying that the war is to blame for such tragic deaths.

Fox TV's The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet ran a segment this morning that promoted the Rutgers University Sex, ETC. site for teens. Unfortunately I was not able to watch the program so I can not comment on the specifics of the segment but I can provide some background on the site that should have every parent concerned about the effort to circumvent parental involvement in teaching their teens, and yes, pre-teen children about sex within the context of a parent's perspective.

The first item you may not be surprised to learn is that while the site runs under the subtext of "a website by teens for teens" that it is heavily influenced by adults with a particular agenda. Adults such as Nora Gelperin who is the training coordinator for the Network for Family Life Education based out of Rutgers University. The organization has been renamed to the more child friendly name of Answer and has been the recipient of government sponsored earmarks for the New Jersey Teen to Teen education project.

Baltimore Sun Notable Quote of the DayThe mainstream media has glommed onto another narrative courtesy of activists within the State Department who object to “the potential” assignment to a post in Iraq. Opponents within the State Department and their union representatives have characterized the staffing assignments as being “forced” to take a position that is a “potential death sentence”.

“It's one thing if someone believes in what's going on over there and volunteers, but it's another thing to send someone over there on a forced assignment,” Mr. Croddy said. “I'm sorry, but basically that's a potential death sentence and you know it. Who will raise our children if we are dead or seriously wounded?”

Headline writers in the MSM newsrooms are more than happy to run with this lead despite the fact that Foreign Service Employees in the State Department are required to accept assignment on a worldwide basis at the discretion of the department officials per their employment agreement.

A study by the Project for Excellence in Journalism and Harvard’s Joan Shorenstein Center on the Press, Politics and Public Policy has found that the media coverage of the 2008 presidential campaign was more likely to be spun in a positive manner toward Democrats than Republicans.

Update added 10/19 (see below)

James Walton has been through a lot recently. The 70 year old senior citizen shot and killed 2 suspected burglars within a three week span at his business and place of residence in Dallas. This prompted a Fox News reporter to track him down and berate him on camera until he broke down and cried.(h/t Malkin, Riehl World View)

The reporter, Rebecca Aguilar, tracked the man down in a parking lot where he was buying a new shot gun to replace the one that was confiscated by police as evidence in the latest incident. From there she followed the man to his car where she stood over him and berated him with questions such as "Are you a trigger happy person? Is that what you wanted to do; shoot to kill?" (video here).

What is a divorced father with a devout Evangelical Christian daughter to do when his anti-religious beliefs come between his daughter and his visitation? If you are mainstream media advice columnist from Slate.com he should discuss his views about science and homosexuality; even though he never mentioned that he had such views.

In addition to furthering her "open minded" views on religion and homosexuality the columnist quips with the typical broad brushed generalization of how rude these religious people can really be; “I get a disturbing number of letters from nonreligious relatives of religiously raised children saying that the kids have been warning them of eternal damnation, and even threatening to stop seeing them, unless the relatives repent their Godless ways. Isn't it rather devilish, however, to raise children to be rude, and cruel, to loving family members?

Tavis Smiley Publicist Promotes Justice Clarence Thomas Book Discussion with Character Bashing E-Mail

I received an e-mail this week from Brian Steffen who is the online publicist for Tavis Smiley. The e-mail was a promotion for a PBS airing of a panel discussion on "My Grandfather's Son," the new book by Justice Clarence Thomas. The e-mail consisted of an advance set of excerpts that were designed to entice me to watch the program. The only problem was that every excerpt in the e-mail took a pot shot at Justice Thomas by attacking his character, without substance of course, very much in line with most of the criticisms that Thomas has had to endure mainly because he is a black conservative.

But there is more going on here than the criticism of Justice Thomas as it appears in an unsolicited e-mail. The context of the comments reveal the true biases of liberal educators, certain representatives of black activist organizations and that of the media darlings that put these people on a pedestal. You will soon see that their bias feeds into the notion that the Supreme Court should be used as a tool to create policy and subvert the role of the other two branches of government that most readily represents the people. The bias also allows the panel guests to extend the cry for equal time under fairness doctrine like standards; a cry that is increasingly being used as a weapon to try and silence the free speech rights of conservatives in talk radio, on TV and the internet.

There was a time when professional journalists were driven toward their profession out of a desire to protect the interests of the public through thoughtful and informative information gathering and reporting. It was an honorable job in a profession that was kept on course by a civic responsibility and a "journalistic code of ethics". This concept has been around for so long that you will often hear the phrase repeated in schools and newspapers.

Every now and then you read something that is accepted in the MSM, or better yet, perpetrated upon its readers that literally leaves you speechless. The Gawker Jew bashing articles were my most recent examples. Until now.

I found little coincidence in the fact that yesterday's New York Times Learning Network word of the day was "belie".

The New York Times will officially stop charging readers to access archives and select columnists at midnight tonight according to a release on the business section of their website.

The New York Times will stop charging for access to parts of its Web site, effective at midnight tonight. (src. NY Times)

I should have known that elite Manhattan gossip site Gawker was a piece of crap the minute I saw the New York Times endorsement on the Gawker Media advertising page.

"…the national go-to spot for keeping up with the rich and scandalous, the media elite and the pop-culture trends of the moment." -New York Times

Let’s add self deprecating Jew bashing as another go-to category for Nick Denton’s flagship outlet of left of center writers who pride themselves in their unapologetic embrace of decadence.

Here’s the latest entry by Gawker editor Alex Balk (edit on f&%kfest and all emphasis mine throughout)

Happy Rosh Hashanah, Jews! It's time to celebrate the new year, eat apples and honey, blow the shofar, and, if you're lucky, blow some cute single guy you hook up with in temple! Apparently, these holy days are the genesis of a two-week f&%kfest amongst desperate single Jews who want to get their nagging mothers off their backs.

Jake Tapper at ABC News reported that MoveOn.org paid $65,000 for its full page anti-war advocacy sliming of General David Petraeus. This figure raised the suspicions of attentive blogger Confederate Yankee whose intuition appears to be correct.

Most of you are probably sick to death of hearing Miss Teen USA Contestant Lauren Caitlin Upton stumble over a simple response to a seemingly benign question about geography. But after two whole days of watching the video and subsequent commentary take over the internet, TV and radio spectrum I think it's time to expose the question for the fraud that it is.

The question to Upton was stated as follows:

It seems that the U.S. media has decided to take a pass on revelations that the Glasgow Airport Bomber Kafeel Ahmed left an e-mail claiming that he wanted to "die for Allah". In fact the New York Times avoided this fact altogether by using the word 'God' instead when referring to a Guardian UK article with the headline, Airport bomber's email to relative said he wanted to die for Allah.

The person close to the investigation said that Mr. Ahmed had sent an e-mail to his brother two hours before crashing the Jeep, but it was not opened until 90 minutes after the attack. On Monday, The Guardian newspaper reported Kafeel Ahmed had sent a text message to “a relative” with link to an e-mail and a password to access it, saying he was acting according to God’s will.

I had thought that perhaps the tide was turning on those who glorified Che Guevara as a revolutionary man of the people. I was wrong.

Over the weekend Chicago's local PBS affiliate aired a segment of a DVD box set that is being distributed by PBS called The British Beat. The DVD is a retrospective of the British Invasion and features Animals lead singer Eric Burdon donning a giant Che Guevara button down shirt at a 2005 concert where he stumps for PBS on stage. Note that this is a 4 disc box set and PBS could have chosen any number of segments to air for their pledge drive. (video at Webloggin, repeat airing on WTTW Channel 11, Chicago, Sunday, August 19, 3:30am)

Alert, Alert!! Hide your grinders, pack up those coffee makers and throw away those grounds. Coffee may be hazardous to your health!

Is anybody willing to take bets on how long it will take before the food intake police call on the coffee and refreshment industry to place warning labels on products containing caffeine?

A teenager was taken to hospital after overdosing on espresso coffee.

Jasmine Willis, 17, developed a fever and began hyperventilating after drinking seven double espressos while working at her family's sandwich shop.

The student, of Stanley, County Durham, was taken to the University Hospital of North Durham, where doctors confirmed she had overdosed on caffeine.

She has since made a full recovery and is now warning others about the dangers of excessive coffee drinking. (src. BBC News)

Bob Murray is the founder and President of Murray Energy Corporation, the company that owns and operates the Utah mine that collapsed after an earthquake struck the area on August 6th. Apparently he has been under a lot of pressure from the mainstream media and various interest groups to accept blame for what he calls a natural disaster. But Mr. Murray is not taking the pressure sitting down. This morning he held a press conference to cast away any doubts as to the cause of the collapse, clear up any misconceptions about the mine's safety record and put the American people on notice that they should not depend on the Associated Press for any truths. He also took a swipe at Fox News and Congress for recent global warming legislation; a little something for all. (video at Webloggin)

I particularly cite Mr. Seth Borenstein of the associated press for particularly bad reporting and as of this morning the Fox News Network on what has occurred here. Rather than utilize the truthful statements that you have heard here, the associated press and Mr. Borenstein chose to use statements from Mrs. McAteer, Oppegard, Odell and Roberts, who were totally false and have nothing to do with or have any understanding of what's happened here. And this morning Fox News network was at it also. I hope you report that and I will cite to you in every one of these interviews all false reporting that we hear. But I would certainly not depend on the Associated Press and Mr. Borenstein for any truths if I were an American citizen.

It seems that Hamas leaders feel that they are getting a bad rap from their bloody takeover of the Gaza strip. In an effort to blunt the perceived negative publicity from the factional infighting the militants put together an air conditioned bus tour for international journalists. The militants hope that the publicity stunt will help journalists set the record straight with the conclusion that the takeover has made the strip a safer place for all.

Hamas took two busloads of foreign journalists on an air conditioned tour of Gaza on Monday - including a stop in a refugee camp where the deposed prime minister waved from his balcony and a prison visit hosted by one of Hamas' most powerful military men.

Hamas officials said they were worried about the negative publicity they have received since taking over Gaza in June. (src. International Herald Tribune)

Wow. It appears that choreographers Mia Michaels and Wade Robson whipped up quite a bit of controversy in response to the 10 anti-war dance solos that were performed on Wednesday night's episode of the Fox TV reality series So You Think You Can Dance. I hadn't realized that Mia Michaels was wearing Marine Dress Blues with upside down Marine emblems on the sleeves when I wrote yesterday's article discussing the solos. (video here)

According to Michaels the blouse was a gift and she had no idea that anyone would be offended. But her explanation misses the point. (all emphasis mine throughout)