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As detailed by Matthew Balan earlier today, CNN went out of its way Wednesday and Thursday to tout a New york Daily News cover that slammed those that would dare to pray for the victims of the San Bernardino shooting that slaughtered 14 innocent people and wounded 17 others. However, when it comes to Barack Obama, offering "thoughts and prayers" is perfectly acceptable.

Ever since Ben Carson made comments in a recent interview where he said that if involved in an active shooter situation, he would actually make an attempt to defend himself instead of being a sitting duck for a shooter, he has been excoriated by the mainstream press for not being a victim. However, training provided by professionals for this exact scenario tell you to do exactly what Carson said he would do - defend yourself.

As a parent, one of the most heart wrenching things you can go through in life is the loss of a child, and no less traumatizing for the parent is when this loss is by suicide. However, there are some in the media that feel no compunction in using a situation like this to take political shots at a person if he holds different views politically, especially if the parent is a politician. This callousness was exemplified recently by Indy Week reporter Jane Porter.