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Stephanie Stone is the Capital Area Regional Coordinator with Students for Life of America. A native of the Pocono Mountains, Stephanie is graduate of The Catholic University of America with degrees in Politics and English. Her passions include traveling, brewing beer, and reading Jane Austen!

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Since the sudden, forced departure of Dr. Leana Wen from Planned Parenthood, some have been skeptical about the organization’s motives. It seemed Planned Parenthood’s board wanted to focus more on politics, and ultimately, abortion than Dr. Wen had originally planned. We awaited the introduction of the quickly named ‘acting President’, Alexis McGill and this week, CBS News posted her first interview, highlighting…unsurprisingly…a focus on abortion.

A recent interview with influential psychologist and academic, Jordan Peterson, has left many thinking. In a now-viral video, the U.K. Channel 4’s Cathy Newman interviewed the author of 12 Rules for Life a few weeks ago and, naturally, Peterson’s arguments surprised and stumped Newman at almost every turn. 

Kathy Griffin is back, again reminding the population about her time in the limelight a few months ago when she posed with fake, bloodied head of President Trump. Rather than rolling with her apology and moving on with her life, Kathy has decided to again revert to this angry spectacle by taking back her apology for the photo. In an interview with the BBC World News program HardTalk, Griffin took back her previous apology for the photo “1,000 percent.” 

The news has been overrun with opinion pieces relating to the recent NFL-wide protest of the National Anthem. Whether or not you believe in the protests, there are facts that have been ignored by the leftist media pertaining to this multi-billion dollar company’s political parade. In an article by the Daily Signal entitled, “Here’s How Much Money the NFL Rakes in from Taxpayers,” Jarrett Stepman addressed an issue that no one has seemed to want to talk about since these at-work protests began. 

Even when President Trump says the right thing, it’s wrong. Or at least, that’s what the left- reigned media continues to spin. CNN’s Chris Cillizza wrote a Monday night article entitled “Donald Trump’s Afghanistan speech ended up being all about Charlottesville” in which he made the grasping claim that President Trump’s patriotic and otherwise Afghanistan-related speech was yet another failed attempt to wash over his supposed white-supremacist agenda.

Appallingly, I came across this question in regard to the Charlie Gard case: “What duty of care do we owe them simply on account of their being human beings, who are by nature possessed of an inalienable dignity?” As a fellow human being, my only response is that we owe all human beings the best care possible. I thought most leftists would agree with this sentiment, given their generally misguided obsession with universal healthcare; however, this was proven wrong in a Slate article titled “The Right is Turning the Charlie Gard Tragedy into a Case Against Single-Payer Health Care. It’s the Opposite.”

Teen Vogue is once again pushing a liberal agenda and this time the magazine’s journalists are targeting a march against Sharia and extremism. TThe men and women at the June 10 protest claimed they were challenging the hateful acts condoned by Sharia law.  But Teen Vogue’s June 11 headline spun, "What the March Against Sharia Protests Teach Us About Countering Hateful Speech.” 

Opening to find my hometown’s weather report this past Friday came as an unpleasant surprise. Several apocalyptic articles attempting to scare readers (or, more appropriately, weather-report-seekers) of the dangers of pulling out of the Paris accord cluttered the website. Apparently, it is no longer possible to search the web for rain predictions without being force-fed politically charged opinions.

Insurance companies are first and foremost, you know, businesses! With that, expenses of their own follow that must be taken care of before they are best able to provide care for anyone else.  This understanding is at the heart of the new American Health Care Act recently passed by the House.