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Language does matter when it comes to using terms. Take the word "gay" versus the word "homosexual". Not too long ago no one had an issue with referring to a homosexual person as a "homosexual". The reason why is because the term homosexual means someone who is attracted to another of the same gender sexually.

Well, now the politically correct word police are saying that we should not use the word "homosexual' because it connotates negative images of homosexuals.

Have you heard that conservatives and Christians involved as part of the radical extreme Christian Right who met over the weekend in Washington DC for the Family Research Council’s Action meeting aptly called The Washington Briefing are in a dire state of distress, depression, despair and despondency? I was shocked as I read through tons of articles from some of the 100 media who attended the briefing.

In an astounding ruling by a Nebraska District Judge Kristine Cecava,  a child sex offender is given ten years of probation instead of jail time.  The reason - the judge believes that the child sex offender is too short for prison!

Convicted child sex offender, Richard W. Thompson, is reported to be only a 5-foot-1 man and the judge fears that he will not be safe in prison.

It should come as no surprise to anyone who follows "60 Minutes" on a regular basis that the reporters have a problem with presenting facts, or at least truth in disclosure concerning the “experts” they bring on to give us the facts.

In a recent Nightline episode that aired January 27, 2006, Vicki Mabrey presented what some call a controversial program  happening within the prison walls of Lawtey Correctional Institution.  The issue at hand – faith in prisons, and not just Christianity.


John Kerry bloviates about how he sees the current Bush administration calling the Administration "incompetent" on This Week with George Stephanopoulos.

Earlier today on The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer, contributing correspondent Bruce Morton hosted a  list of "political  gaffes." Noticeably missing from the list was former President Clinton and VP Al Gore, as well as Al Sharpton and a long list of other Democrats.

While CNN set up the piece with the latest outlandish comments from Hillary Clinton and Mayor Nagin, I do find it telling that they picked on Pat Robertson while they had only a millisecond of the Rev. Jesse Jackson.

Yesterday on Face the Nation Bob Schieffer asked Dianne Feinstein if she would support a filibuster. Despite the fact that she said Alito was "qualified", Feinstein has allowed her politics to dictate a "no vote" for Alito as she said that there most likely wouldn't be a filibuster.

Watch the video.

Here we go again, the liberal media leftist elite have nothing better to do with their time than to attack Pat Robertson again.  This time they are taking issue with  Robertson's  comments regarding Ariel Sharon's health and how Sharon has given away part of the holy land for "peace". 

Did you know that a brave Navy Chaplain by the name of Gordon Klingenschmitt has been on a fast since December 20th?  Probably not because the coverage in the mainstream media has been very limited, if not at all.   An examination of the websites of ABC News, CBS News, and NBC News all come up with nothing.  Cable news has also barely covered this story.  Fox News has one short story, MSNBC’s Tucker Carlson had Klingenschmitt on as a guest, while CNN has completely ignored th

Last night ABC presented a Barbara Walters special called Heaven : Where is it? How Do You Get There? and the show didn't really answer these questions, but it did raise one very important one for this viewer. Why did Walters pass judgement on evangelical pastor Ted Haggard when he proclaimed boldly that Jesus was the only way to heaven, but not the Muslim, failed homicide bomber when he said that Muslims were the only ones going to paradise?

LA Times columnist Joel Stein writes a column called Oy to the World where he ultimately says that he thinks there isn’t a war on Christmas . I find this ironic and also insulting as a Christian because all throughout his commentary he disparages Christians and what we believe.

This morning while some in the mainstream media continued their attacks on Pat Robertson and conservatives the Associated Press joined in by characterizing the death of Dr.

Remember how the mainstream media was so quick to jump all over the story when Pat Robertson called for the assassination of President Hugo Chavez? How could anyone forget that, after all it was front page news for almost a week.

Yet when AIDS activists invade the Family Research Council yesterday, Monday, November 7, the mainstream media is totally silent on the event, with the exception of one small story from the Associated Press.

Last week four Christian Indonesian girls who were on their way to their Christian high school were attacked by hooded attackers who successfully beheaded three of the girls.

Last week Time Magazine’s cover story was called The Battle Over Gay Teens and I wrote an article discussing the bias from the writer of the article and also cited examples of where content was intentionally ignored. 

Time Magazine’s cover story for this week is called The Battle Over Gay Teens, however when one takes a few moments to examine the contents of this verbose six-page article the author, John Cloud, really is talking about the promotion and acceptance of gay teens in America.The unbelievable bias for the promotion of gay teens is absolutely amazing despite the fact that Cloud attempts to cite a few

A few days ago New York Times writer Ned Martel wrote an article called Manna from Hollywood: Charity Begins on TV about NBC’s new Friday night television show Three Wishes hosted by Grammy award winnin

Have you heard about the Planned Parenthood Golden Gate pro-violence video that depicts violence towards pro-lifers and anyone who doesn’t agree with the agenda of Planned Parenthood?