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Gotta love the mantra of the activist old media leading up to the State of the Union address. Two very predictable and horribly flawed themes are being pushed as we speak.

1) Obama will announce a laser-like focus on jobs.
2) Unity - America wants unity and Obama will work to unify.

Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik knows exactly what he’s doing. He has become a media darling because he is telling them exactly what they want to hear. Facts be damned, he’ll keep enforcing their template until this foolishness takes hold.

Hey Sheriff, tone down the rhetoric, will ya?

You don’t find many “gems” on a Saturday morning. It’s a lazy day, getting ready for football and a late breakfast---then Cokie Roberts, speaking on ABC’s Good Morning America, dropped the bomb.

Roberts has apparently bought into the far-left's conspiracy theory that Republicans simply do not want to see Americans get jobs. Yep. Republicans are more interested in defeating old media’s Dear Leader than they are in Americans' well-being. ABC's Dan Harris sounded off in agreement.

Harris set it up this way: “In the modern era no President has won re-election with the unemployment rate higher than 7.2%” (transcript below the fold - video to be added shortly):

You’d think Republicans read the Communist Manifesto from the floor of Congress this week.

Perhaps the activist old media, or their friends in the Democrat Party would’ve been happier with a little Karl Marx, or maybe bring out Steven Colbert to read some Groucho Marx on the floor would’ve made them happier. The outrage over the reading of the U.S. Constitution is as despicable as it is instructive of who the left is in this country.

A new year and a new horrific story of US military gone wild!

Captain Owen Honors has been relieved of his duties over the aircraft carrier the USS Enterprise because of some joke videos he made a couple of years ago. The media is outraged!

Oh, make no mistake about it, the media is not just reporting this story, they clearly show their disgust and outrage that anybody would make politically incorrect videos and live to play another day.