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Very early on in the 2008 presidential election cycle I decided that I needed to produce a documentary film called “Media Malpractice” about the unprecedented media bias that I was sure would result in Barack Obama’s election. In May of that year I purchased the website URL for that purpose.
In addition to the successful and very well received film, we put out two rather well known You Tube videos before the movie was completed.

On Tuesday, the broadcast of the first presidential debate since “Big Bird” and PBS funding became an allegedly huge campaign issues, will be sandwiched (depending on what time zone you live in) by a PBS election special called “Race 2012.”
The hour-long documentary is being advertised as a “provocative conversation about race and politics,” from “both sides of the political aisle,” but it is being grossly mis-marketed. I know this because I was interviewed for and have already seen the film.