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Based solely on 8-year old rumors and gossip the paper that endorsed him now throws slime on his reputation. Of course McCain denies the New York Times-published allegations vehemently. See video of McCain's denial here.

There are actually no direct allegations of any sexual scandal here, and mostly attacks his ethics on dealing with lobyists. The allegations are paper thin, and should be easy enough to brush off. Its curious to me though, why the NY Times ignored the allegations against John Edwards. The allegations have no meat, but they decided it would be fit to be front page above the fold. Anonymous sources delivering nothing of substance is just irresponsible.

Captain Ed:

First she said that only Obama can "fix America's broken soul," and now this.

Women faint around him, and his message of hope and change are moving the mountains of Clinton inevitability. Now his wife tells us that he is the only one that can "fix American souls".

Please, tell me what this smirky guy is apologizing for? Why is he being suspended again? Oh, because he used a politically incorrect, and possibly derogatory term towards a Clinton.

Video of David Shuster groveling for forgiveness here.

MSNBC says it has temporarily suspended anchor David Shuster from all NBC news broadcasts — except to offer his on-air apology for what he said about Chelsea Clinton.

Take a look at this video and tell me with a straight face that these two bufoons report news fair, balanced, and unbiased.

One would think that a Democratic fundraiser fugitive that was involved with one of the prominate Democrats running for President was sentenced to three years for Fraud it would be newsworthy. However, CNN not only buried it behind all the post-Iowa ruckus, but also neglected to mention which candidate(s) the disgraced Hsu donated and fundraised.

 Update: Video of Huckabee's Press Conference.

Was it a change of heart or manipulating the media?  My personal opinion is of the latter, and I've gathered several reactions from other bloggers that seem to agree.  The way the media is reporting it right now, Mike just made a stupid mistake and it is backfiring already.

As shown in this video, Chris Wallace and FOX News Sunday decided to misrepresent the words said by Fred Thompson by partially quoting them out of context.  Notice in the quote below of FOX, the use of the multiple dots.  This kind of covers people in misquoting folks in a legal manner. 

First, the following article was written by my co-blogger, Jon Jay Ray.  He gets all credit, I just thought it fit in at Newsbusters.

Update (Ken Shepherd | 19:54 EST | Dec. 25): Huckabee staffer responds (see bottom of post)

I've been curious as to why no major MSM outlet has picked up on this? I wonder if Tim Russert will ask something about it on Meet the Press?

Jonah Goldberg wonders why this hasn't made more of a splash. So am I. Maybe now that NRO has picked it up, it will pick up some steam.

Just in case you've been living under a rock I will summarize what has led up to this.  Someone associated with the Huckabee campaign responded to critical analysis from Rush about Huckabee, claiming in short that Rush didn't think for himself and just repeated chatter from the DC/Manhattan elites.  Mr.

Matthew Sheffield asked me to crosspost this.  He said it would be perfect for Newsbusters.  You can listen to the audio of Rush Limbaugh's reaction here.  Following is a roundup of reactions from bloggers.

AP photographer Bilal Hussein made a reputation staging anti-war propaganda photos. In April of 2006 American forces detained him with a cache of weapons. The AP waged an all out campaign against our military’s actions. They demanded that we either charge or release this tool of theirs.

What liberal bias?

Remember that big announcement I promised earlier? Well, it’s now official.

Newsweek press release

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


As Ken Shepherd of this site has pointed out before, if the military falls short of its recruiting goals the MSM trumpet it and frame it as a result of an unpopular war. So how will the media spin this? How will they react to the news that all military components meet and/or exceed their recruiting goals?

Airing on PBS tonight at 8 p.m. is “Judgment Day: Intelligent Design on Trial”, a two hour documentary that tells the story of the Dover case. The ACLU are super-excited!

Of all of the cases the ACLU has taken on in the last few years, our challenge to the promotion of “intelligent design” in Dover, Pennsylvania’s public schools is one that truly speaks volumes about our work - work that ACLU supporters like you make possible.

That is why I wanted to let you know about an upcoming program highlighting this landmark case.

Here is a preview:

I won’t know how objective the documetary itself is until I watch it, however a recent move by PBS has one group up in arms:

You may remember the controversy over a middle school in Maine providing birth control to eleven year olds without parental consent. It was a hot topic a few weeks ago. Well, now we have this nice piece of propaganda from the AP.

It is sad that Nickelodeon is too stupid to realize how big of a backlash this will cause. Time to get in high gear folks! Just wait till Bill O’Reilly rants on this one! Nickelodean will soon be backpedaling on this leftist propaganda.

I don't want to sound heartless towards the many victims of the California wildfires, but this L.A. Times piece is just a sob story shilling for illegal alien sympathy!

Flames were only one worry for some illegal immigrants in the fire zone. Equally scary were the crowded roads and evacuation centers, heavy with law enforcement officers, including U.S. Border Patrol agents.