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The mainstream media remains perfect-- 7 bogus reports in 7 weeks. Another exaggerated slaughter story made the news this weekend just like the bogus al-Kawwaz family "slaughter" made headlines last month.

There was another gruesome report from Diyala Province in Iraq this weekend. Reportedly, Al-Qaeda and local villagers suffered dozens of casualties in a massive attack.

Up to 51 Iraqis were reportedly killed during an Al-Qaeda attack including three women! The Herald Sun reported this news by Agence France-Presse:

How Embarrassing!

Picture this...

You report to the international news agencies that 11 of your family members in Iraq have been slaughtered!

Somebody took the leash off Andy tonight! Andy Rooney was in rare form! Not that this will be a shock to anyone, but Andy Rooney attacked the Bush Administration tonight. I thought CBS was going to have a new culture after the embarassment from Rathergate? I thought CBS, "60 Minutes", etc, were going to work on a new culture on reporting the truth with their news segments? Obviously, this does not apply with Andy.