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Mother blames manufacturer and calls for regulation, but other reports mention warning signs and other contributing factors.

CNN's glowing film preview takes Michael Moore's stunts seriously.

NY Times Magazine devotes 21,000 words to warped economic perspective.

'American Morning' contradicts previous story on CEO compensation.

Report cites five Democratic congressmen and one left-wing think tank compared to one Republican congressman.

'World News' barely presents industry concerns about higher costs to consumers.

Report has no idea that environmentalists caused millions of tires to be dumped on ocean floor.

Story downplays advantages of limited-benefits insurance, relies on critics by 2:1.

Reporter uses Clinton allies and personal tragedies in one-sided report favoring universal care.

But 'World News' segment left out liberal leanings of both scientists, and the reporter.

CBS reporter cites lack of vaccine development but excludes industry rebuttal.

Post treats activist David Fenton, who once helped spread the Alar pesticide scare, with great care - unlike paper's treatment of conservative PR executive.

USA Today reports the decline, but networks are lagging behind.

'Evening News' gathers anti-industry sources for airing of grievances against U.S. system.

Segment followed with Gore; 'American Morning' anchor Kiran Chetry suggests hurricane would cure Florida's drought woes.

ABC, CBS and NBC emphasize the potential for complications and death from Avandia, despite calls from study's author to exercise discretion.

Report criticizes executive pay packages, laments pending legislation wouldn't help.