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U.S. Attorney General William Barr is so far behind the times and the Obama-era dictates on transgenders. The Trump Administration "bigot" thinks boys are boys and girls are girls and had the audacity to lend his legal opinion to an Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) lawsuit challenging Connecticut's policy allowing "transgender" boys to compete in girls' sports.

The Nation magazine sports editor Dave Zirin positions his blog and podcast as representative of the "Edge of Sports." Make that the extreme, far Left edge of sports. The socialist Zirin is a hardcore Trump hater who, in this week's podcast, focused on the theme of Trump-as-racist for referring to COVID-19 as a Chinese virus. Even though it originated in China and spawned a pandemic.


The arenas are empty. The stadiums are silent. There are no sporting events scheduled till further notice. What's a sports media outlet to do? If you're the pot stirring writers at Deadspin, you play the race card by throwing dirt at the Washington football club for its "racist" nickname and at the NFL for STILL not employing the "greatest" quarterback ever ignored by the league ― Colin "I love Cuba, hate America" Kaepernick.

NBA legend and Trump hater supreme Kareem Abdul-Jabbar leveled a double-barreled attack on the president in recent days. In The Guardian, he claimed the NBA is providing a patriotic response to the pandemic, but President Trump is promoting his own self interests. In The Hollywood Reporter, Abdul-Jabbar says the president reminds him of the Nazi's exploiting people of color in the Hunters series.

Only one big-time sporting enterprise is "reckless" enough to keep going right through COVID-19, and of course, the blame falls on President Donald Trump. New York Magazine's Will Leitch says the UFC is looking for ways to get around social distancing because the President and Vice President Mike Pence encouraged its leader to live his life. And by the way, the White House is mismanaging the coronavirus pandemic, too.

The New York Post sports columnist Phil Mushnick is an anomaly in a business dominated by left-wingers. He's not afraid to call out race-hustling, the progressive politics of sports media or sleazy Super Bowl halftime performers. This week he had Spike Lee, former NBA player Charles Oakley and pandering media in his crosshairs.

"The NBA has led by example and put public health above self-interest, which is more than the Trump administration can say," writes "Kareem Abdul-lower-the-bar," I mean Abdul-Jabbar. The Trump-hating former NBA center is obsessed with hitting the president below the belt, and he filed his latest attack in The Guardian in a post titled "Why suspending the NBA season was a glorious act of patriotism".

When it comes to COVID-19 infections, Oklahoma is way down the list with just eight. But when Utah visited Oklahoma City recently for an NBA game, the game was cancelled and the NBA season suspended because the Jazz center Rudy Gobert had contracted the coronavirus. That led to the testing of 58 Utah players and employees ― and cries of wealth privilege" by the SB Nation sports blog.

The "Animal House" of sports blogs is back on the grid. Deadspin, which went dormant last fall when its potty-mouthed writers with eighth-grade mentalities stomped out because new ownership demanded less irreverent writing. Awful Announcing's Ian Casselberry posted a story saying the Deadspin site is showing new signs of life and hiring writers, but he's behind the times. A whole new cast of radical characters has already resumed operations.

Are you crushed by the ultimate bracket buster, the cancellation of March Madness? Worried about the coronavirus and bummed out by all the news of infections, deaths, quarantines and the shutting down of sports? In need of a feel-good story on the sports pages in these trying times? Amid the crisis, Kevin Love is providing one.

National Football League star Michael Thomas gets his news from the Left, and that was evident Wednesday night when he blasted President Donald Trump and his supporters. Thomas, a superstar receiver for the New Orleans Saints, echoed the leftist site Vox in criticizing the president's handling of the coronavirus.

Just imagine if a white sports writer penned a piece on the probability of college basketball teams coached by white guys making it into the NCAA Tournament field. And then obsessed on precisely what these white coaches would need to do to get their teams into the tourney field. The writer would be denounced as a "white supremacist," then quickly tarred, feathered and fired faster than you can say "March Madness."

Former NBA star guard Dwyane Wade, his actress wife Gabrielle Union and their son Zion, 12, attended the 2020 "Falsehood" Awards ceremony sponsored by an LGBT pressure group in Los Angeles Saturday night. That's not exactly how the event was described by the parallel universe of the far Left though.

Even though he's a member of the conservative Mormon Church, Hall of Fame quarterback Steve Young is very San Francisco. Young just bucked his LDS church and his alma mater, Brigham Young University, by tweeting support for LGBTQ students at the school where people are protesting the church's opposition to same-sex relationships.

Trump-hating coach of the San Antonio Spurs Gregg Popovich blasted his favorite political target again Friday. This time his criticism concerned President Donald Trump's handling of the coronavirus, and for the second time he called the commander in chief a "coward."

Hall of Famer Rich "Goose" Gossage made "incendiary" remarks about Democrats and baseball, and progressive sports writers are blowing gaskets about the "infidel" criticizing their preferred political party. Gossage said baseball teams are watering down spring training workouts and over-using analytics to ruin the game, something akin to Democrat control freaks in politics. His political comparison prompted quick rebuttals from writers at USA Today and the blog 12Up.

To win the Red Smith Award for sports writing is tantamount to having one's left-wing credentials enshrined by the Associated Press, which has given this accolade since 1981. Mitch Albom and Bob Ryan, among others, are past winners, and neither is known for conservative views. Nor is Christine Brennan, a USA Today writer who claimed the award for 2020.

Loose cannon tweeter Jemele Hill is shooting from the hip at Republicans again. On Wednesday, the disgraced former ESPN Sports Center co-anchor criticized President Donald Trump's decision directing government health officials to coordinate communications on the coronavirus through Vice President Mike Pence. Hill's tweet implied that the former Indiana governor was previously responsible for the spread of HIV and now we're all doomed by the coronavirus.

When the white boxer Tyson Fury (at left in photo) defeated African American rival Deontay Wilder (at right) Saturday, David Dennis saw the WBC heavyweight championship bout purely in racial terms. MLK's call to judge people by the content of their characer -- and not the color of their skin -- went by the wayside.

In another High Noon showdown, two more ESPN lefties bit the "bullet." Bomani Jones and Pablo Torre and their left-wing shtick will get till the end of March and then their High Noon program will be designated for the television version of Boot Hill. Low and declining rating are listed as the cause of High Noon's impending death, according to ESPN.