Glenn Foden

Political Cartoonist

Glenn Foden has been an editorial cartoonist and office curiosity for 25 years and hopes to become computer literate by the end of his career. As of now, he depends upon his wife and twin teen daughters to explain the hard parts to him. As far as politics go, his first and best vote was for Ronald Reagan.

He syndicates his editorial and panel cartoons through and and freelances illustrations whenever he can, for pizza and golf money.

For inspiration, he and his dog, Liberty, walk the woods and fields, gaining insight through a constant debate with the local squirrel population.

Glenn hates shining the spotlight on himself, never grants interviews and really looks down on the pretentious people who write about themselves in the third person.

Latest from Glenn Foden


If it wasn't for the smell, this situation would actually be amusing.



I was going to use Taft instead of Carter, but that could have led to rioting.

Miss Me Yet?

Arizona, California, and now, New York City. What the people/voters/citizens want just doesn't matter any more.

Let's Roll

Who's next?


With Hillary so busy working her day job, SOMEBODY had to be "hands on."


So much for the illusion of state's rights.


But relax. The White House has no interest in expanding the federal government.

Or so they say.Bar-B-Cue

The only "race card" that matters, will be played in November. And it's called a ballot.


Because of some things we have to live with, long after they are out of office.


...and the shaft.


Maybe he just doesn't understand the object of the game.

World Cup

If Helen was the worst at the WH briefings, who should be the next to "retire?"



Katrina Oil




DINO or RINO couldn't happen to a nicer one.


Holder can't say radical Islam a possible reason for attempted bombing in Times Square, but CAN say that the AZ law is evil without even reading it.

Where does he rank on the "Inept Meter?"


Don't look for the leak to be capped any time soon.

Gul of Potomac