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Connor Williams was a summer 2014 and 2015 News Analysis Division intern for the Media Research Center, and is now freelancing for NewsBusters. He is currently a senior at the University of Michigan, studying political science. He is a native of Novi, Michigan. 

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Refusing to simply take his word for it that the President is “mad as hell” about the Veterans Administration waiting-list scandal, CBS’s Major Garrett aggressively questioned White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough on Face the Nation Sunday regarding the Obama White House’s virtual silence on the matter.

When McDonough continued to deflect questions directly related to the VA scandal by pointing to the administration’s work on post-traumatic stress and unemployment, Garrett pushed him further, asking him if he could (audio here):


The folks at PoliticsNation Thursday night were stunned to learn that Rush Limbaugh is now an award-winning author. Limbaugh received the Children’s Choice Award for Author of the Year on Wednesday for “Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims.” Sharpton jokingly asked his guests Zerlina Maxwell and Abby Huntsman if this could possibly “be voter fraud from some kids on the right.”

Although it’s unlikely Maxwell even read Limbaugh’s book, she was quick to declare,  “Absolutely, 100 percent, the kids did not vote for Rush Limbaugh.” Huntsman, a supposedly right-of-center voice on MSNBC, suggested that Rush may have “bought half the books himself.”