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Lena Dunham's cameo in "Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising" got cut from the film's final version. That hardly matters. Her pungent progressive streak infects every frame. The sequel to the surprisingly rich “Neighbors” plays out like a article brought to life. You won’t find a liberal talking point untapped before the end credits roll.

Comedy Central's political programming didn't take a hard-left turn yesterday. Yet its cumulative impact might have caused big changes within the network.

Longtime Comedy Central president Michele Ganeless is stepping down at the end of the month. The decision was hers, according to reports. It’s hard to think the channel’s declining ratings didn’t factor into the move.

Remember how Hollywood rallied around Barack Obama not once but twice to help him become president. That was nothing. A warm up. A practice run. Call it a dress rehearsal if you must. Sometime soon, maybe even over the next 24 hours, the entertainment community will unofficially declare war on presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Reporters often take their time "debunking" documentaries, assuming they ever do at all. Take the sexual assault expose The Hunting Ground. Most of the attacks on the film came after it hit select theaters and was about to make its CNN debut. The anti-vaccination film Vaxxed also got some scrutiny mere days before its planned Tribeca Film Festival screening. Most documentaries avoid intense media scrutiny. And then there's Climate Hustle.

 We're about to re-live the Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings all over again, courtesy of HBO. The respected pay channel debuts Confirmation at 8 p.m. EST April 16. The movie casts Kerry Washington as Anita Hill, the law professor who claimed Thomas sexually harassed her in the work place.

Some of the real-life Republicans who played key roles in the film aren’t happy about the production. They cite an early version of the script they deemed unfair and floated potential lawsuits against its depictions. Who’s right? We won’t know until the film debuts, but here are four signs Confirmation may be heavily tilted in Hill’s favor:

Talk about a slam dunk news story for our celebrity-saturated times. Unexpurgated rapper Azealia Banks launched one of the nastiest personal attacks against a politician in recent memory. How gross was it? Even Donald Trump wouldn’t stoop this low. Not on his worst day.

The target? Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. The attack? Banks wished a group of large black men would gang rape Palin. Why? Banks got snookered by a fake news story saying Palin approved of slavery.

 You can't please everybody, especially hard-left film critics who don't cotton to heroism draped in the American flag.

13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi isn’t getting pummeled by critics in the grand Michael Bay fashion. It’s still angering critics who treat any film with masculine heroes fighting for their fellow man as cliches, cartoons or worse.

President Barack Obama's comedic Achilles' heel has been an open secret for nearly eight years.
It took that long for one satirist to target it. Obama's ego became inescapable.

Someone finally noticed this week. Was it Trevor Noah, Bill Maher or the team at Saturday Night Live? Surely HBO’s John Oliver found it first, right? We’re told he’s brilliant by a fawning press. Turns out it was Joe Dirt himself, SNL alum David Spade, who made the call.

 It looks like new Daily Show host Trevor Noah will survive his Twitter vetting. The South African comic took some heat immediately after getting the gig earlier this week. Social media users scoured his past tweets, finding a number of jokes targeting women and Jews. Comedy Central rushed to stand by its new hire, and it appears the Stewart-to-Noah baton pass will take place later in the year as scheduled.

Noah would never get in trouble merely for making gross remarks about Republicans.

Many Hollywood stars protested Michael Brown’s death after an altercation with police officer Darren Wilson by striking the now famous “hands up” pose. Brown allegedly had his hands up when Wilson fatally shot him, or so the media repeatedly told viewers based on unconfirmed accounts. News anchors and star athletes also played upon the meme.

They all were dragged into a lie, or as The Washington Post describes it, a “four Pinocchios” level lie. Do these celebrities owe us an apology? An explanation at the very least?

Dennis Miller doesn't think President Barack Obama was born in Kenya or that he's a Muslim.

Still, the right-leaning comic and co-host of the new “PO’dcast” with Adam Carolla says the president’s sympathies lie with Muslims, not Jews or Christians.

Adam Carolla wants President Barack Obama and Sen. Elizabeth Warren to take a knee. The podcaster says their economic rhetoric sends the wrong message to Americans.

Both Obama and Warren warn about an unfair playing field and how the government should make the necessary “corrections.” So "How is it possible for everyone to have exactly the same opportunity?” asks Carolla.

The actor famously dubbed guns “cowardly killing machines,” turning his own gun collection into art work in the process. Now, Sean Penn is prepping his latest film, a revenge saga with guns a-blazing according to the film’s new trailer. 

 "Horrible Bosses 2" features the kind of raw, unexpurgated comedy you'd expect from the franchise.

The studio behind the film is extending that coarse brand to social media.

The latest trailer for the satire Dear White People offers what we've come to expect given the hype surrounding the film--uncomfortable racial observations and a few well-earned laughs. The snippet also features a character slamming Fox News and, by extension, its viewers as racist.

Is the full-length trailer, released Tuesday, carrying on the Left's assault against the sole cable channel which offers conservatives a fair shake?

Patricia Heaton says she sometimes wonders if being a conservative in Hollywood hurts her career.

A ”wave” will pass over the Emmy-winner from time to time where she thinks, ”Am I being passed over?” Heaton told a group of reporters while shooting the new comedy Mom‘s Night Out. The star of The Middle and Everybody Loves Raymond has no concrete evidence of any industry bias against her, but she is certain of one steadying factor in her professional life.

Sean Penn is taking a page out of President Barack Obama's playbook but twisting it to his own socialist-friendly liking. Obama has gotten plenty of mileage for blaming his predecessor for the country's woes.

Now, Penn is blaming Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro's problems on what the leader inherited from his predecessor--Hugo Chavez. Only Penn doesn't blame his late friend at all, preferring to spin a yarn about paranoia and relationships meant to excuse the late leader from guilt.

Adam Carolla knows it's no accident entertainment scribes bring up his "right wing" politics at every turn.

The podcast king called out biased entertainment reports during a feisty Q&A with The interviewer stirred the pot by asking if Carolla got flak from his Hollywood pals for appearing on The O'Reilly Factor, the highly rated pundit show on Fox News.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton might get a cinematic reminder of the most damaging part of her resume should a new film project hit theaters before Election Day 2016. reports Paramount is looking to buy the film rights to an upcoming book from the point of view of Benghazi attack survivors.

Jerry Seinfeld forged a stand-up career by avoiding R-rated routines, preferring observational gags to F-bombs and sexual puns. He didn't push anyone's buttons. He just made people laugh.

Yet the Seinfeld star said something so politically incorrect Monday that it could have reverberations across the comedy landscape. He answered charges that both his signature sitcom and his new online series, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, don't feature enough comics of color.